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hiv risk

a few months back i was at a bachelor party at a strip club. unfortunately, i had about a 2 second time period of exposure between my tongue and the vagina of the stripper who was straddling my face.
i knew it was a low risk, but several months later, i've had several colds this month. and, my wife has otitis media. now, these are probably related to my 1 year-old child being at daycare and bringing these things home. but, i just can't get the thought out of my head that i have hiv and have given it to my wife, hence the recent infections. i would just like to hear from someone else that this was indeed an extremely low risk exposure and that i really don't need an hiv test.

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Relax.  There is no way you could have acquired HIV from the exposure you describe.  No chance, none, impossible, no way.  The medical events since then (colds, otitis media, etc) are not signs of immune deficiency or HIV.

Having said that, if you are anxious or concerned enough to go online to for assurance of what you know to be true anyway, it is likely that my reassurance won't be enough.  If it will, fine.  But if you will sleep better with a negative test result to confirm it, get tested.  You can do it completely confidentially at your local health department STD clinic.

Good luck--  HHH, MD
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thanks. i have no other risk factors other than that single event, so your reassurance is good enough for me. i think having a small child makes one question their own mortality more often.
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