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hiv test

hi doc,you have said hiv test would be 100% accurate at 6 weeks.but you do not explain which test?so my question is that i took a rapid hiv blood test at 7 1/2 weeks.i guess you could say i had a high risk single encouter with a ts.oral receiving an oral giving and swallowed some precum.quit right after precum was in mouth.it was not what i had expected out of a gay relation.i would like to add to other people if you think you might be gay,YOU'RE NOT!!!you would only give yourself a lot of pain.physically an mentally....                                                     1)how to kill dormant syphilis an test for it                                                               2)if i had ARS would it still test + at 7 1/2 weeks                                                            3)what hiv tests are modern                                                           4)i've read that ARS infected people do not test positive,the only way to know early (within 6 months) is a RNA test.is that true?
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At least 95% of the time, all HIV tests--rapid and otherwise--are positive within 6 weeks.  No, it isn't true that an RNA test is the only way to diagnose HIV during ARS; if you had ARS, the standard test would be positive at 7 weeks.  I don't understand the syphilis question.

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I just wanted to follow up on T-Bug's question. I took an OraQuick test in New York State, and am unclear whether that qualifies as a "modern test." Mine came back negative at 6 & 9 weeks, and I plan to do a final one at 12 weeks, following New York State guidelines, but the hiv counselor said I needed to test at 6 months and 1 year, and I can't figure out what's making him test so long-term. He told me my risk was low (oral sex without ejaculation, I was the one sucking), but is it standard practice to make any men who have had sex with other men test that often? I haven't had any additional risk events and don't intend to, in the future. My question isn't intended for clarification about my own status (I realize I have to do the 12-week test and I also realize that there's always a chance of a late seroconversion), but rather, I just wanted a little more insight into the logic of hiv testing center's advice. It will help me in the future.
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so the rapid hiv blood test is a modern day test,reason why i ask is cause oraquik replaced it 1 to 2 years ago?can you give me the equation for the rapid hiv blood test.at 4 6 7 weeks. thanks doc
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