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hpv danger from hands/finger

Hi Dr.

Assuming a massuese inserted her finger into your anus and massaged all around your anogenital areal after she had masturbated someone who had an active hpv infection, what are the chances you could be infected from this encounter?

Thank you
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Thank you... and that also applies if the persons fingers came into contact with someone who had an active hpv infection minutes before they came into contact with my anus etc?  I'm very concerned I unnecessarily exposed myself to a potentially dangerous situation ie high risk hpv or even just warts.  
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Dr. Hook answered this question a month ago.  I agree with his reply.  While theoretically such transmission might rarely occur, in busy STD clinics virtually every patient with anal or genital warts has had traditional intercourse, i.e. penile-vaginal or penile-anal penetration.  Anal warts sometimes occur in people who auto-inoculate themselves, i.e. people with genital HPV may inadvertantly transmit it to their own anal area.  But I have never seen a patient who appeared to have acquired such an infection by a partner's finger contact.  You should go forward with no concern whatsoever.

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