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infection? - what do I do?

Hi Doctors,  
I feel I have a complex situation.

I am in a relationship with a long term partner.  Two years ago I had protected vaginal sex with a girl that I met in a bar, the condom stayed intact.  10 days after this incident i had chlamidya, Gohnorea and Urine test for bacteria (I assume for NSU).  All tests came back negative.  I then had Clam and Gon tests again another week later, and again results came back negative.  I thought I was fine due to test results and lack of symptoms.

So 4 week ago, I masturbated myself with another lady, I also touched a ladys breast and bottom whilst doing so.  I thought this was safe, but in a panic I had tests at 2 weeks after, where chlam and Gon came back negative.  After tests were taken he also gave me azithromycin and a shot to relieve my stress.

However, the doctor did a swab and said that he found a mild infection in the urethra, that he said was incidental and nothing to worry about, and not necessarily sexually transmitted.  He prescribed me metronidazole.  To note, I have not noticed any symptoms here.

I thought i was fine and had nothing to worry about after the incident 2 years ago. Do you agree?

I have abstained from partner since incident 4 weeks ago, and have informed my partner of this incident - who seems unworried by the infection I have.  I have taken the antibiotic.  Do you have any views on my next steps, with my partner and for my life.  I feel my life has ground to a halt, and worried sick.
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Welcome to our Forum.  I'll be pleased to comment.  The activities that you describe are not activities that are associated with meaningful risk for STD.  Whatever the doctor's tests showed were likely non-specific and, in the face of your negative tests are far more likely to be coincidental that causally related the the events you described.  Further, the therapies that you describe would almost certainly eradicate any STD which might have been present.  At this time I see no reason for you to worry that you are at risk for STD due to the encounter you describe above.  There is no conceivable reason for you to be worried or for STD testing.  EWH
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