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it all started from one pimple like formation on penis 10 years ago

My Questions concerns about my situation which i will point out step by step.
1-pimple like formation on left side of penis shaft since 10 years.
2-got frozen off , doc wasnt sure what it is.
3-2 months ago formation of pimple like formation in rectum
4-skin on penis starts getting cracky, flaky , bumpy.
5-then all of a sudden forehead skin starts getting flaky , bumpy and cracky and small pimples pop up.
6-then onnose and on eyes skin and cheeks, flaky , scaly skin with small pimples like formations.
7-then opposite side of hand gets cracky , dry , and two pimples pop up...what is going on here?
8-small pimple like formation on shaft and some on penis head as well..
9-very itchy on face, so itchy . seems like someone took lighter and burnt my skin .
10.everyone told me it cant be hpv cuz hpv  does cause all this.
11- I smoked 1 0 year then stopped two months ago. this all started as i was stopping smoking,
12-never used to eat properly for 10 years. adn now i sdont smoke , drink lots of milk and eat dairy products and eat healthy..always had problem digesting milk for 10 eyar and now all of a sudden i drink so much milk . can that be cause? I dont know im totally confused.
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Blister-like or pimple-like lesions on the penis sound like herpes.  But all the rest of your symptoms are much too complex for an online diagnosis; see a health care provider, preferably a dermatologist.  The non-genital skin problems may be entirely unrelated to the genital lesions you had 10 years ago.  In any case, I'm sure most of your symptoms--with the possible exception of the genital rash--is due to an STD.

Good luck--  HHH, MD
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Hi :
I had all STD and HIV test, Including Herpes and all others.. and they all came negative . the only diagnosis left is hpv ....does hpv causes all of these symptoms?
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No, HPV causes almost none of those things.

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Hi Again:

Here is the deail of my checkups..
Seen STD clinic DOCTOR..told him all the symptoms and showed him the penile skin. HE SAID I HAVE NO STD whatsoever.
-Seen dermatologist and she checked everything .. She didnt ask me any symptoms I never told her any symptoms. She said the PENILE skin damage is due to trauma to the skin due to excessive masturbation.  I repeated my question over and over asking " Do I hve any std" probably 10 times she said " No U dont have any std" .As far as skin on hands and face she says I have eczema and she suggested Proptic for it.I have showed STD clinic and derm the white long lines on my cheeks which stretch from lip till the throat on both sides of cheeks. they said its nothing and its due to stress. They said eczema is due to stress. Both of them said that my main cause of penile skin damage is skin trauma and hands and face is due to excessive stress. I asked the derm if i need to take any tests and she said no because she is certain that i dont have any std.

Doc lately after dem appt which was on 27th. I noticed that on my lower lip when i wake up someties there is this white lines formed. I can just scratch it off. But lately i am noticing the skin change from certain spots from my natural lip color to pinkish type. My question is can this be due to Stress as well? and how good is their diagnosis? I dont know im totally confused over this. Seen std clinic docs 3 times , they said i have nothing, seen family phy she said i have nothing, seen derm now she said I hve nothing. and still why do i Think i have something? or is it really stress? please help before i go paranoid or wack. Ty
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oh yea and the tests performed on me are HIV, Gonnerhea, syphillis , chlamydia, hep a, b, c. all are negative.
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also the last sexual contact was 10 years ago. So herpes can be ruled out due to that. that was the first and last sexual contact i ever had.
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Since all docs(7 of them) claim that i dont have any std and derm claims i have eczema then could it be eczema of lips? i have cold dry feeling sometimes. no tingling or burning on lip
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