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itchy smelly moist foreskin

i am a 39 yr-old homosexual male. 2.5 years ago, i was diagnosed with ngu. following a course of antibiotics, the infection recurred and i was treated again. i began experiencing itchy foreskin, although there were no skin changes. approximately 4 months later, i began suffering pain at the back of my knees, the arches of my feet and lower back. i was diagnosed with reiter's syndrome despite being hla b-27 negative. (arthritis has recently subsided). 6 months after ngu diagnosis, i experienced rapid and pervasive capillary growth on my foreskin, turning it bright red, particularly upon erection, along with a rash and an eruption near the corona. the bright red appearance lasted for over 6 months.

the glans has taken on a shrivelled appearance and often now has indentations from my clothing. my foreskin still itches. it has been moist, or 'tacky'; the moistness persists even during aeration. it often has a fishy odor and it has grown...there is a ring of new skin which causes me to now have to always retract it, despite the fact that i am circumcised and never had to do so before. a urologist recently described me as 'partially circumcised', confirming my suspicion of growth. i have had several eruptions near the corona, as recently as this last summer...always one at a time. i have now been diagnosed with idiopathic lymphopenia (coincidence?).

the urologist noted mild balanitis and offered circumcision, which i declined. a dermatologist noted nothing but some flakey skin and ruled out circinate balanitis. generally, doctors believd that there is nothing wrong and that my penis is 'normal'. i don't believe it. i know my body. i don't think ngu, arthritis, capillary invasion, several eruptions, apparent foreskin growth, a persistent itchiness and moistness, and a slightly shrivelled glans are 'normal'.

i am negative for gonnorhea, clamydia, herpes, syphillis, m genitalia and hiv.

i would greatly appreciate your read on the situation.


itchy in seattle
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Welcome to our Forum. Your difficulties represent a difficult problem.  You seem to have ruled out typical STDs so this is an unlikely cause of your problem.  I have several thoughts about your apparently chronic balanitis but, given the complexity of your issues, I think you will ultimately be best served by consultation with an expert, something that Seattle has lots of.  To see an expert. my advice would be to go to the SEattle King County STD Clinic.  If they cannot answer your questions, they work with several dermatologists who are experts in genital dermatology.  

Possible thoughts. First an foremost is the issue of a yeast infection.  Yeast can cause itching and cappillary growth although odor would be ususal.  Further, the onset of this following a course of antibiotics is typical of fungal (yeast) infections.  Secondly, I would make an observation which, admittedly is conjecture.  This is that anaerobic bacteria of the sort that cause bacterial vaginosis can cause itching an fishy odor.  The underside of the foreskin might be a place where such bacteria are commonly found and thus might be a source of some of your symptoms, the itching and odor in particular.  If this is the problem a trial of an antibiotic active against anaerobic bacteria such as metronidazole might help.

Either way, given the rather unusual nature of your difficulties, I suspect there may be a need for a trial and error approach to its management.  Thus, as mentioned above, I suspect that this is something that may be best served by seeing an expert and committing to the possiblity that you may need several visits to address it.

I hope this comment is some help.  EWH
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