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lump above tonsil?

27 y/o gay male, ive gave oral sex on five different partners no more than five times, saw no visible signs of anything appearing std related. Theres a flesh colored lump above my right tonsil, on the palatopharngeal arch and visibly blocked by the palatoglossal arch, when I squeeze my throat together it pops out.  theres something similar on the other side, more like compressed skin VS a lump. it has little very small divots similar to my tonsil as it gets closer to the wall of my mouth, the majority of it is smooth. The first doctor saw it and said,"Nothing but an adenoid, im positive", He seemed very confident and knew my gay sexual past and std concerns. I also said, well its not on the other side, He said, it doesn't matter, It can be on one side and not be on the other.i looked up what an Adenoid was and it said not visible because its behind my nose. idk how long its been there, no pain, pussing, oozy, itch, or change in size. Full std testings w/ hiv and hsv negative. Doctor 2 saw it and said its rare for warts to be in the mouth because its always shedding and rejuvenating, the likelihood of a HPV wart virus penetrating is slim and said it was a just a normal lymph gland hes seen on other patients, he said its normal to have it on one side And bigger in size. What is the skin texture of HPV warts in the mouth normally?should i ask for a biopsy to test for HPV, wouldn't that tell me its not a wart and just a adenoid.? Does this sound like a wart. Is it possible to biopsy a small amount of tissue to check a HPV virus?  Is this vinegar test I saw online accurate, would warts definetly turn white? He also said it was normal to have this lymph gland-adenoid system sort of surrounding behind the tonsils, does that seem right? So how rare or common would contracting an oral wart be and when the partners appeared to have no signs, basically what are the odds…Should i consult an ear throat and nose specialist, or perhaps a doctor who specializes in STD?

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Welcome to the forum.

Unfortunately, you are asking for more than a distant online expert can offer.  Apparently two health professionals were convinced the bumps you describe are normal adenoids, and that sounds entirely reasonable to me.  Certainly warts would be unlikely to cause symmetrical lesions, i.e. two lesions in more or less the same place on each side of your throat.  And oral warts indeed are rare.  I see no reason for a biopsy.  There are no regularly available HPV tests for situations like this -- and whether positive or negative, it wouldn't make any difference.  (HPV will be found in the mouth from time to time in perfectly normal persons, with no significant health consequence.)  The vinegar (or acetic acid) test is pretty much useless, especially in self testing by medical nonprofessionals; most dermatologists and STD specialists never use it, since they know the results cannot be trusted, whether positive or negative.

If you remain in doubt about all this, you could ask for referral to an otolaryngologist for confirmation, just as you suggest yourself. But if I were in your situation, I wouldn't do it.

Regards--  HHH, MD

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one other question, i was told to report here, i posted on another page accidently and was told to repost here, I accidently hit to if the anwer was helpful, i thought it would let me recomment,

well the lump isnt really on the other side, have you heard of something like this before, extra lump above tonsil, anyway also

I have splotchy redness on my uvula and what feels like 3-4 very small bumps in the center of the redness, they don’t look like bumps to the naked eye, non painful and no itching, its been three weeks now and its not really going away, I think it arrived after giving a male friend oral sex three weeks ago, but i cant be sure, the redness appears to be fading into a light pink but the bumps are still there, perfectly flesh colored pink
1. My doctor said it didn't appear to be warts and they are rare in the mouth caused its constantly shedding skin and it unlikely to contract.  Is this true?

He said it could be warts if it doesnt go away in a month, which is in seven days!!!  

        2. negative for all stds, IGG herpes at .06. Since my IGG came back negative and my last sexual experience was about three weeks ago, should i retest.
3.The partners i have been with in the past, didnt seem to have any visible symptoms, does that reduce the risk of transmitting HPV, what if there were signs, is the risk higher
4.does this sound like warts?
5. What are the chances of contracting oral warts, i heard its rare?, this seems too coincidental after giving my friend oral sex, should I see a specialist, would they even know what to look for? Is there a statistic of what the chances are of oral warts? Like 1 in 100, 1 in a 1000.
6. Is it likely to contract oral warts or HPV with no visible signs?
7. If they do begin to fade would that indicate that it is not warts?
8. If the red goes away but the small bumps stay, would that indicate anything?
9. How long should I wait before going to see a specialist?
10. Is there a test, biopsy to determine cause by hpv?
11. Is redness surrounding small bumps an indication of warts?
12. Also, gardasil,Recommend it, what if someone was exposed to HPV, should I not get it
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oh ya I also wanted to say the bumps only a millimeter wide, and barely raised
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i dont know if i added this but the bumps are smooth and not rough
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You're expecting too much from a forum like this. As I already said, I doubt you have warts, and I will not speculate about other non-STD causes.  Your doctor's opinion, your description, and common sense all argue against warts.  Oral warrs are rare and I'm not going to answer speculative questions about something you probably don't have.  

As for Gardasil, you are beyond the recommended age (26 tops) -- because most people that age are beyond the years of likely HPV acquisition, and most people that age have already been infected with most if not all the HPV strains covered by the vaccine, so there is little point in immunization.

Please try to get a grip about HPV.  Getting HPV of the genitals, anal area, or mouth are part and parcel of human sexuality; most people have several infections during their sexually active years.  In other words, getting and having HPV is not abnormal.  Fortunately, most infections remain asymptomatic, without ever causing warts or any other health problem.

That's all I have to say.  I suggest you ask the other qeustions of your own doctor, and/or ask his advice about seeing a specialist, such as an otolaryngolotist.  But in the meantime, stop worrying so much about it.
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right sorry i just wanted to post something else, I paid the 15 dollar fee twice to get double advice, Im sorry, i was told to rereference back to you by the other doctor...about my other symptoms, this was entirely new symptoms i couldnt fit into the first 2000 words, so i reposted and was told to post again to you and i didnt need to pay the fee again,

my main concern is these little bumps on my uvula, if you want i can repost to the other doctor. i just wanted to get advice and wonder what my odds were
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These questions nevertheless are beyon what you should expect from a forum like this.  Sorry I was unaware you had attempted to start a new thread, or about Dr. Hook's response sending you back here -- but even if I had known, my response would not have been significantly different.  (And by the way, the purpose of the 2,000 character limit is to force questions to be short.  I have never seen a problem on this forum that couldn't easily be condensed to that length.)

So please re-read both my original and follow-up replies.  Stop worrying so much about HPV, oral or otherwise.  Everybody gets it and you're no different.  HPV is simply unavoidable and few infected people have any serious effect from it.
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i had no prob with the 2000 limit, i just had other concerns that i wanted to post, so posted it again and the doctor told me to send it here, but i just wanted to expert opinions, sorry about this,
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