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non sexual transmission of herpes


I had asked a question a few weeks ago about the ablity to transmit oral herpes to the genital area. Thanks so much for your reply, knowing that can't happen is quite a relief. Right now it appears the treatment for yeast infection is working but I have a general question.

My symptoms appreared 1 day after protected sex with the only person I am intimate with. We've had limited contact with the prior sex 10 weeks before that.  6 days before my symptoms appeard I had a bikini wax. I am pretty sure you have not had the pleasure of that experience but while there is no genital exposure there is lots of skin to skin contact in the general area... Is it possible to contrat genital herpes from this kind of service, if the person performing the service has it or worked previously on someone who did?

And I guess given everything I have read the only way to be 100% certain one was never exposed is to take the HerpesSelect HSV-2 test. I may do it just to make myself comforatble. How long do the results take? Thanks
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Saying there is zero risk from bikini waxing (or from a massage, or from a toilet seat or shared towel, and so on) is impossible.  I can imagine a scenario in which it might occur: waxer has oral herpes, contaminates hand with saliva, and immediately--with a substantial amount of wet saliva still on fingers--pulls off the wax and then uses the wet finger to massages the quivering, reddened, crying-in-pain skin (how can you DO that?? ;-).  Bingo, herpes.

But DOES it happen?  Your odds of winning the lottery are better.  In 30 years in this business, have never seen a case of genital herpes in an adult that wasn't explainable by sex.  Expect common sense hygiene from anybody performing a personal service with physical contact with your body.  Otherwise, don't lose sleep over it.

The HerpeSelect test takes a day to run.  Allowing for transport of the specimen to the lab, running the test, and getting the report back to your provider's office, results usually are available in 2-5 working days.

Good luck--  HHH, MD
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Is there a non-sexual type of herpes? If someone has been diagnosed with herpes - do you assume it's from sexual contact.
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