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not sexy

im 50 healthy and have had this condition for about ten years begin married it was no big deal now single it effects things. I have in the last few months under gone blood work and test for std. with no red flags. i am normal urninating with a good stream. when i get sexually aroused could even be nothing more than dancing with a hot gal something triggers and i will start to discharge or pre *** a clear fluid. if in for play the amount can make a mess. I then still will have a full load orgams as normal. question what is this all about
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Welcome to the STD forum.

No STD is known to cause such symptoms, and the standard STD tests are highly reliable -- so you can be sure you don't have them.  But that's as far as we can go on this forum; we don't attempt to address genital symptoms other than STDs.  You might get useful advice on the urology forum -- but most likely the main advice there would be for you to seek professional advice from urologist.

Good luck with it--  HHH, MD
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