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not sure what these red spots are

I am a hetero mid 30's male who has been with the same woman for about a year. I recently began to notice small red groups of bumps (not open or blistery) on the head of my penis. They are about half the size of a dime. Along with this, the skin on my penis has became very dry and cracking. I can peel off small pieces of dried skin. I have tried many types of lotion and cream, but nothing seems to have any lasting effect.

I have also noticed that the red spots seem to be much more noticable after sex, and sometimes the shaft of my penis stings a little after sex and is sometimes rubbed raw. We have tried lubricants, (she is not however particularly dry) but they just seem to irratate it.  

Does any of this sound like something I need to get looked at?

Thanks for your time

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It doesn't sound like any STD.  Most dermatitis and other skin conditions can involve any part of the body, and genital location doesn't necessarily mean an STD.  Your discription is compatible with psoriasis, which commonly involves the penis; that would be even more likely if you also have similar patches elsewhere, or if you have lots of scalp flaking that might seem like bad dandruff.  But this is only a guess and there are many possibilities.

See health care provider, perhaps a dermatologist.  Most such conditions can be effectively treated, but a professional diagnosis is necessary.  But don't worry about STD.

Good luck--  HHH, MD
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