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pinching pain in penis opening and dryness in mouth after exposure

Dear sir,

I had a sex with lady prostitue in Nov 11 2009, during sex as i was not ejaculating soon, she changed the condom in between and after having sex with her i ejaculated outside vagina by hand.

after 2-3 days i fill minute pinching pain on my penis opening with no problem in urinationg.
this pinching pain was occuring 4-5 times a day and i keft it unnoticed till 30 days thinking that it will go.

after 30-35 day i fill minute burning sensation on my feet, and my mouth starts drying out.

i was very scared and i took p24 antigen test(after 50 days of exposure) and tested negetive for hiv.

i c the doctor and he gave me some medicines treating it as frengities and i took medices but nothing worked out.

then i got the fever with shivering and
i c another doctor and he gave me following test

CBC -normal with haemoglobin 15
vdrl- normal
urine- normal with uric acid high as 8.1
p/c normal
standard hiv - negetive
B12 - low 154

he diagnosed as b 12 deficeincy and gave me daily injections

know its 5 months after exposure and i am taking his medications.

still i am experiecing pain on penis opening (no problems while urinating) and dryness on shaft and my mouth is drying out with white pathes on tongue (coming and going) and i have tingling effect on my palms and feet.

please advise what to do and from which disease i am effected , i am very much scared know as its 5 months.

please reply as soon as possible
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I repeat, your tests already PROVE that you do not have HIV from the exposure that concerns you.  If you have not been tested for STDs, go on and get tested.  On the other hand, if you have already been tested, believe your test results.  Your symptoms do not suggest HIV or STD.  The symptoms of early HIV (the ARS) typically last a week or two at the most.  EWH
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I have white patches on my tongue, and mouth keeps on drying with small ulcers like pathces on tongue and in morning it becomes more(through i am using good mouhwash and doing gargeling) and pain in penis (with cracks and dryness on shaft) is still thier with tingling effect on palms and feet.

my stools are also not proper in morning.

i am scared as some times hiv/ STDs are not detected at early stage.

please advice any tests to 100 % confirm that i dont have HIV /STD

if the person is effeced from hiv how long symptoms will prevail.

and if person is effected from STD how long symptoms will prevail.
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Welcome to our Forum.  The symptoms you describe do not suggest an STD.  The exposure you describe was low risk for all STDs, including HIV.  The abnormal sensations you have described in your palms and feet can be due to vitamin deficiencies, including a deficiency of B-12.  I suspect the abnormal sensations in your feet are not related to the genital symptoms you mention.

As far as your genital sensation are concerned, what you describe does not bring to mind any typical STD.  The pain at the opening of your urethra (penis opening) may be due to trauma but it would be unusual for this to last so long in relationship to your exposure in November.  I would suggest you have a urologist take a look.  

Finally, your HIV test proves that you did not get HIV from the low risk exposure you describe.  Take care.  EWH
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