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positive chlamydia test

My husband and I met in Oct of 2011 and married in Dec 2011. I tested negative for Chlamydia and all other STDS in Feb of 2012 but tested positive for BV. I was treated for BV.
We were together at this time only 4 months.

In January 2013 I am now testing positive for Chlamydia. He has gone to extremes to prove he has not cheated.... of course, how can he prove he has not.

Please help me  to shed some light on this. I am desperate and searched everywhere for any answer.
IS it at all possible that I tested negative last year  and had it? Could it have been a false negative because we were only together 4 months when I was tested first time and did not build up enough bacteria to test postive (nurse suggested this) and/or my body cured itself and it did not show up and then he (never being treated) gave it to me again during this past year, therefore I test poitive last month.??  Please forgive my ignorance. This is just something that is very concerning to me
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Welcome to the Forum.  Your situation is a difficult one.  Each of the scenarios you suggest is a possibility but differentiating which one is the case will be quite difficult to do.  

Chlamydia can be a chronic asymptomatic infection which can go undetected until it is detected though testing.  With current chlamydial tests falsely negative tests are quite unusual.  Other sources of incorrect tests are mislabeling or specimens or laboratory errors and all of these are known to happen form time to time, although not commonly.  Thus it is possible that you may not have chlamydia or the diagnosis may have been missed on an earlier exam.  

Further, if he was not tested, your husband could have been carrying the infection without symptoms as well.

If he has not been he should be tested and both or you need to be treated at this time to insure your reproductive health, irrespective of the test results.  

I am sorry I don't have a clearer answer for you.  Sorting out where this infection will be difficult to do and the best thing for the two of you to do is to talk things through with each other. EWH
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