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primary HIV infection/still scared

Dr. HHH,
thank you  for the quick response. Btw, i am the wife. I know it is hard to  answer all our questions based only on the story. Honesty is very important in order to based your opinion reliably. I have talked to my husband heart to heart and i believe him on the 1 timeprostitute issue. As far as I am concerned, I have never slept with other partner in my whole life. He is my very first and will be the only one for the rest of my life.
1 week after i had sexual contact with my husband (we recently gone from vacation) i experienced a lot of STD symptoms and began to suspect that my husband had an encounter with a prostitute since i know they always go out at night with our friends there. fd out i got TRich.fr him. emotionally , i had to faced everything and still get tested for others.
to make the story short, We got all 4 STDs from  the 1st exposure which happened on June (from the prostitute). Since she has all 4 stds (trich, chlamydia, gono, syphil) BY the way, Is it possible for 1 infected person to give all 4 types or maybe 5 types including hiv virus to us?.reason why i am asking is, you mentioned that he gotsyphillis from somewhere./meaning other infected person.
1. Again, is it possible toget 4 diff. types STD including Hiv from 1 infected person.? Please  do not hesitate to answer even if i will catch my husband lying on this.I will handle it calmly. If so, Gosh she is one heck of an infectious Organism!
2. your answer in catching  hiv  from her is not too clear for me. You said he is unlikely to be infected  but we are on higher risk of getting it. To make it clear, are you saying that he is at low risk of getting it from her and higher risk of getting HIV in general if he have sex again with different multiple partner since he is infected with so many?
3. I have read about primary hiv infection which is char. by sore throat, fatigue similar to kissing disease (epstein barr virus-herpes family). There is a lot going on in my mind right now. could it be primary  hiv infection that he already experienced because he had severe sore throat or he had kissing disease (mono). are all this possible? The thing is we went to a government funded STD clinics and from my experience, it is very different from the way i was treated from a private or my primary physician.
4. My husband said they confirmed to him that  he got chlamydia and gonorreah only. but why did they gave him a penicillin dose shot? If this is a mistake, will it cause a problemon his system? This is why i am  in a little doubt. I can ask them if it is Rapid plasma regin test and we can confirm it with flourescent test. (am i right ,doc?) The thing is, they dont want to answer question or maybe they do not know since they are not doctors, they just  give you pills to take and let you go. Would you suggest to go to a priv ate  clinic?
5.  Early sept. to take the test is too long for me to wait.so worried for my husband.im schedule to get treated tomorow over there.
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I'll go straight to your specific questions.

1) Yes, it is possible to get 4 different STDs from a single encounter with someone who has them all.  But it probably is unusual, and I have to be suspicious that your husband has had more than one extramarical exposure.  (It isn't "one heck of an infectious organism"; it is 4 organisms.  Each STD has an entirely different cause.)  On the other hand, because a single encounter is possible, don't assume your husband has multiple partners before speaking with him.

2) The presence of other STDs increases the chance of HIV transmission.  But the risk of HIV still is low for any single exposure through vaginal intercourse.

3) The symptoms of primary HIV infection indeed are just about identical to many other infections, including mononucleosis, as well as garden-variety sore throat viruses.  The large majority of people with those symptoms do not have HIV.

4) From the previously posted question, I though the diagnosis of syphilis was definite.  If not, I'm not sure why he was given penicillin, which would not be active against any of the STDs mentioned except syphilis.  However, maybe his provider was just being cautious, protecting him against syphilis before he was known to be infected.  You have correctly outlined one of the common blood test sequences for diagnosing syphilis, RPR (rapid plasma reagin) screening test followed by a confirmatory test if the RPR is positive.  Different confirmatory tests (not fluorescence) now are usually used, and there are other screening tests besides RPR.  But the basic idea is right.

I'm not sure I understand about the providers not talking about it.  If they won't speak to you, without your husband's approval and knowledge, that is to be expected and is appropriate. If they won't tell him what's going on, that's inappropriate. If you and/or your husband are dissatisfied with his care, of course seek a second opinion, e.g. from an infectious diseases specialist.

5) My advice about September concerned HIV testing only.  If you have not yet been treated or tested, you definitely should not wait.  You need to be treated ASAP for any and all STDs your husband is believed to have.

Best wishes--  HHH, MD
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