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Hello Doctor,
I went to a asian massage parlor in dc last Friday. The woman acted like she was rimming me, but I asked her if she really did it or if it was her finger. She said it was her finger.  Even though she did not penetrate at all, I think used saliva on her finger.  I did not let her touch my penis at all and I did not touch anywhere near her genitals.  I am worried about this minor contact with saliva being rubbed on my anus.  

I talked to this woman and she said that they are very careful there and much safer than people on the street. I feel warm today like I have a fever and anxiety is my favorite hobby.  Do you think this put me at risk for anything?

I appreciate your time.
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I think the woman you were with was right.  Your risk is non-existent.  STD bacteria do not live effectively in saliva and penetration is an important part of transmission.  Thus on this basis alone, you certainly did not get infected.

In addition. most commercial sex workers in the U.S. do not have STDs so, on a statistical basis, it is unlikely that she even had an infection to transmit.  Remember, if she and her colleagues were infected it would be very bad for business.

Finally, symptoms are terribly unreliable.  If you have a fever, it is not from STD acquired during the exposure you describe.

Control your anxiety.  you are not at risk and do not need testing.  Hope this helps. EWH
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