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severe stress/anxiety with symptoms

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The symptoms you describe do not suggest any STD, and the treatment you received would have taken care of most possible STD infections.  You cannot know you have thrush of the tongue without a professional exam; most white coating of the tongue is not thrush.  To answer your specific questions:

1) Not HIV or any other STD.  Perhaps mostly stress/anxiety.

2) Who knows?  Everybody gets a white-coated tongue from time to time.  Sometimes it is unexplained, other times it might be related to a viral infection, such as a cold virus.  It almost never is a sign of a serious health problem.

3) I doubt it.

Good luck--  HHH, MD
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I thank you for the quick responce...Because i was responding so well to the antibiotics, is there a chance i should of stayed on them and heightened the dosage???Why would i start feeling all this a few days after unprotected sex, if it isn
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There is no good explanation.  A minority of men with urethritis complain of continuing pain or discomfort similar to yours.  Although often attributed to anxiety, we don't really know the exact cause.  But if there are no objective inflammatory signs (discharge, white blood cells in swab or in urine, etc) we know that pain alone is not a sign of continuing infection, damage to the penis, risk of future disease (no cancer, infertility, etc); and does not indicate any risk for something you can transmit to a partner.  Thus, the best advice generally is to try to put it out of your mind, live with it, see a provider if other signs of infection appear (e.g., discharge from the penis), and expect that it will eventually fade away.  It almost always does.

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