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ok..ive as a lil girl have always broke out on my thighs and hips and buttocks..but for the last few years ive been breaking on my buttocks ,by my buttcheeks by my right side of my vagina  not inside the lips either..sometimes its a pimple but sometimes it get real big and its painful to the point i have to watch how i sit..ive never seen a cut or anything inside my vaginal lips or walls..they have no head and get big..sometimes i get one or 4 in different place like by buttcheeks and my innner thigh and by my pelvic but never inside..i havent been tested and ive seen pictures of herpes and it doesnt look nothing like that.. it looks more like ulcers and lumps under my skin...should i be concern with herpes or skin infections..its ruining my skin when it heals it leave my marks..and it rarley ever has a white tip or puss..but it happens time over time again..they feel hard around but soft on top??? please help..what is causeing this and what should i do
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Welcome to the STD forum.  However, I really can't help much. Clearly this is not an STD, and that's as far as this forum goes.

Your own research on herpes has shown you that herpes doesn't look or behave this way.  You can use the search link on this forum and you can find many discussions that will describe how typical herpes looks and behaves.  You could start by entering "herpes symptoms"; you'll find lots of information.  And the problem apparently begain before you were ever sexually active, another argument against herpes.

This sounds like you have recurrent folliculitis, boils, or a similar problem.  You might be carrying a virulent strain of staph or strep bacteria.  It's even possible you have a minor defect in your immune system that makes you more susceptible to such localized bacterial infections.

What to do?  Find a primary care provider you trust and put the problem in his or her hands.  If simple things don't take care of it -- tests for staph/strep, antibiotic ointments, maybe an oral antibiotic prescription -- then ask for referral to an infectious diseases specialist.  This problem does not have to continue; it should be fairly easy to find a solution and treatment that takes care of the problem.

Good luck--  HHH, MD
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