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std risks of mutual masturbation
During mutual MB with another guy I realized that he was making contact with the head of my penis and his. His was covered with pre-seminal fluid. I am concerned about any kind of risk I had regarding any std via my urethra. At  6 weeks I had OralKwik hiv test (NEG) and hiv pcr test (NEG) and Hepatitis panel with results (which I really do not understand) as follows:

Hepatitis Panel (4) Result Reference
Hep A Ab, IgM Negative         Negative
HBsAg Screen         Negative         Negative
Hep B Core Ab, IgM Negative         Negative
Hep C Virus Ab              <0.1 s/co ratio 0.0-0.9
                                                     Negative:      0.9

Also had CBC with normal WBC, which I assume would have been elevated if I’d have contracted any other bacterial std.

BTW--I’ve never had Hep vaccine. Am I at risk for Hep or any other std for that matter? Now it is 10 weeks, is the general fatigue, muscle/joint pain, mild nausea symptomatic of anything beyond stress, anxiety, guilt, etc??? Thanks.
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Welcome to our Forum.  There is certainly no risk for HIV from mutual masturbation and while there is little research on the topic, to my knowledge, no risk for hepatitis.  Similarly, traditional bacterial STDs (gonorrhea, chlamydia, NGU) are not a concern.  In theory STDs transmitted by direct contact such as herpes, syphilis and HPV could be transmitted through such an encounter.  If at this time, 10 weeks after the event you have not developed a lesion, you did not let syphilis or HSV.  As for HPV, this is just not something to worry about.  

the symptoms you describe do not suggest an STD.  I would look for some other cause.

Your test results indicate that you do not have hepatitis B, hepatitis A, or hepatitis C.  No further testing for these infections is indicated.  On the other hand, my advice is that you, like everyone else should get vaccinated for both hepatitis a and hepatitis B.  Both can be sexually transmitted amongst men who have sex with other men and irrespective, vaccination for both is recommended as a general public health measure.  I recommend vaccination for all of my patients who have not yet been vaccinated.  EWH
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