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std symptoms but no results

About 8 months ago I had sex with a girl and my condom broke.  Two day after my anus started itching bad and I looked in the mirror and it looked like little cracks in the anal skin.  Then about a month after I noticed a line of skin forming on the underside of my penis.  The skin is raised and has no direct path and is shape of and oval almost. There is also a white color circle of the same sort on the front side of penile skin.  I have been tested for Chlamydia, Gonorrhea, Syphilis, and Herpes and all were negative.  I have been to two clinicians and they said they don’t know what the line is.  Now it has been about 8 months and I still have light colored soft stools and my penile skin is thickening from where I was circumcised up.  The skin is growing into the glands of my penis on the backside.  I know something wrong but all tests were negative.  My family doctor thought maybe that some of the thicken skin was little warts but its more like skin cracks and thickening not warts.  My doctor gave me Aldara and I have used it for a month and there is no change in anything.

Does HPV in men cause raised wavy lines to emerge on the penile skin?
What could this be? Fungal or parasite or skin disease)
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The lesion that you describe does not sound like an STD.   Unless your anus was involved in the sexual activity, the itching you experienced following sex was unlikely to be an STD as well.  STDs are spread by CIRECT contact.  

As for the ridge of skin you describe, this description in no way sounds like an STD.  I suspect that what you are describing is some other dermatological process.  I would suggest you ask you regular doctor for a referral to a dermatologist.

Finally, regarding your exposure and the broken condom, it is time for you to stop worrying about this.  You have been tested for STDs and the tests are negative.  Please realize that even if your partner had an STD when the condom broke (chances are that she did not) most exposures to infected sex partners do not lead to transmission of the STD.

Please let us know what the dermatologist says.  EWH
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almost everytime after i have sex i have this pain by my testis,***,left feet on the joint,when i urinate and my penis itchis a little after  the pain last for about 2 days is it an sti
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