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swollen lymph nodes...

10 months ago I had protected heterosexual sex with an at risk person. Due to some worrisome symtoms i was tested 5 months after the experience. I was given an EIA AB test with Confirmation and both were negative. Worrisome symptoms turned out to be Mono. However, I continue to have the following worrisome symptoms 10 months pot. exposure which I can see No other explanation for and am terribly confused:
> swollen glands in neck
> herpes blister on side of lip (never had one before)
> recent balding (past 2 mos)
> dry/flaking skin on cheeks; comes and goes, even after applying lotion the flaking would come back. It only lasted for a week and has since gone away
> red pimples/dots on face
> misc. bumps/cuts in mouth (don't know what's normal anymore)
> been diagnosed w/ Geographic tongue, but can't tell if some "patches" are geographic tongue or candisasis/leukplakia;
> night sweats which coincided with swollen glands... but infrequent; back of neck becomes very damp, it's not a full body sweat.
> tingling/stinging sensation in genital region, but no lesions
> painful pricking sensation on face when hot or showering
> can't tell if i'm generally tired or my lack of motivation/distraction is affecting my exercising
> general hot to warm skin..almost hot flashes
A doctor@work suggested swollen glands are a result of my body fighting the herpes lesion on my lip, however I took 4 valtrex pills, the lesion has subsided, but glands are still swollen. No weight loss or loss of appetite.

Should i be concerned? What should I do? What else could it be? How reliable are my results?
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Since you haave had a negative HIV test, whatever is going on, you can be certain it isn't HIV.  And your symptoms don't sound like HIV infection anyway.  Beyond that, I can't help.  See a health care provider.

Good luck--   HHH, MD
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As a follow up. I now have persistant flaking of the skin on the checks and chin; i Believe some flaking in/around the armpit region; lymph nodes are tender in groin region and neck and have had general pain in my nodes; lastly, continue to have mouth "issues" -- white patches that I can't differentiate from geographic tongue and candidiss, etc. Anyway, the negative test was stilll have 5 months.... don't know what to make of the symptoms... they seem too coincidental.

What other diseases might this be symptomatic of? Also, is 11 months rare to start noticing ARS?

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A more detailed comment (previous one I didn't have time to really write):

Dr. HHH --

Since I last wrote you my symptoms have changed a bit.

> My face continues to have flaking skin, regardless of how much moisturizer I put on. Armpits seem to have developed moderate flaking as well -- solidifying my diagnosis of Seb Derm.

> Glands in my arms/groin seem to have swollen a bit and are painful/tender (in addition to my neck). My armpits are sore and feel as if I've just bench-pressed a lot of weight (which I obviously have not); Also have some soreness behind the knees in my hamstring area (i believe there are lymph nodes there as well)

> Continue to have unusual white marks/circles and sores in my mouth; sometimes purple marks and an extremely dry mouth at night

> Moderate night sweats; the back of my neck gets moist

> some mild joint pain

I don't know what to think of these symptoms in light of my negative HIV test 5 months after an "at-risk" exposure. Going down the list of symtoms that you read on any/every website I'm checking off each and every one AND i can tell there is Definiitely something going on in my body, what it is I don't know.

1). If a false-negative was in fact received because my body had not yet created detectable anti-bodies after 5 months, would one expect to see symptoms during that 5 month period?

2). What else could these symptoms be indicative of?

3). Considering I'm at month 11 after "at-risk" exposure, what is the typical time frame for symptoms to develop?

4). I went to a dermatologist where I was given the EIA w/ Confirmation and both were negative.
Is EIA and Elisa the same test? Are the equally sensative and accurate? What is the "confirmation" for?

5). While the math and statistics clearly point to the fact I do NOT have HIV, it's hard to come to any other diagnosis considering my exposure and coincidental list of symptoms which are uniquely
representative of HIV.

Thx again for your support and advice.
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