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syphilis or genital warts from mutual masturbation?

this may seem like a crazy question:
i was mutually masturbating another guy (me touching him only) for about 30 seconds when i noticed that he had a small round patch of skin on his penis that was brown in color  (there was no open sore).  After i saw this i stopped touching him.  

I am wondering about transmission of genital warts and/or syphilis. Is it possible to transmit  either of these STD's from the penis (no open sore) to my hand...and then possibly to my penis (by touching my penis after touching his).

thanks :)
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Welcome to the forum and thanks for your question.

Neither HPV nor syphilis is likely to be transmitted by hand-genital contact.  One can theoretically envision a certain amount of risk; indeed, mutual masturbation is often suspected as the source of occasional genital HPV in people who have never had vaginal or anal intercourse.  However, in my 4 decades in the STD business, I've never seen an infected patient who hadn't had direct penile penetration.

As for the "brown patch" on your partner's skin, there is nothing in that description that suggests to me that he might have either syphilis or HPV.  Any number of other, non-infectious explanations are more likely.

So I advice no worry, no testing, and no need to alter your sexual practices or contacts with your regular partner, if you have one.

Best regards--  HHH, MD
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