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test results

Dear Doctor

   I do not if you remember (its is hard, I know); I had homosexual relations with an unknown partner in september 11, 2005... in wich relation we had fellatio (both; given and recieved) unprotected. One week after I went to test for every STD except HIV (because it was too soon); everything was negative and the Doc gave me preventive treatment for gonorrea and clamidia (an injection and tablets) and the negative included syphilis.
   The thing is that at week 4 and few days I went to a clinic to get tested for HIV (for the anxiety) and they performed another syphilis test; the results were HIV negative and Syphilis -Weakly reactive-

    Should I be confident with the HIV negative result?
    What happened with the Syphilis?

    I'm sorry for bothering you...

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It's not a bother.  As you probably know from many other threads (maybe including your own--I didn't go back to check), a negative HIV test at 4 weeks is highly reliable, but for 100% reasurance it would be a good idea to be tested one more time 6 weeks after the event you are concerned about.

Your weakly reactive syphilis serology is another story and harder to interpret.  First, check with your provider to make sure the WR result was confirmed with a second test.  The most common confirmatory test today is called the TPPA (for Treponema pallidum particle agglutination) test, but another possibility is FTA-ABS (fluorescent treponemal antibody-absorbed).  If the confirmatory test is negative, then you have a "biological false positive" result, which means you don't have syphilis.  BFP results are pretty common--sometimes due to other underlying health problems (such as pregnancy, which presumably doesn't apply!) but usually BFPs just happen without explanation.

If your TPPA or FTA-ABS is positive, then in theory you might have acquired syphilis during the exposure you describe, but it is unlikely:  you probably would have noticed a sore on or in the mouth or throat, and the gonorrhea/chlamydia treatment would have treated it before the infection got started and would have prevented getting a positive test.  The last possibility, and probably the most likely explanation, is that you had syphilis sometime in the distant past.  "Weakly reactive" means just that; the result is so weak that the test might be negative one day and positive the next time the test is done.  Or, if you are from certain parts of the world (e.g., parts of Asia, the Balkans, but not Puerto Rico) you might have been infected years ago with some syphilis-like diseases (yaws, pinta, or "endemic syphilis").

Bottom line:  If the confirmatory test is negative, don't worry about it.  If the confirmatory test is positive, then you need to speak to your health care provider about further evaluation of syphilis, whether additional tests are needed, and whether treatment might be necessary.

Good luck--  HHH, MD
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I'm sure your fine, and the doctor will boost your confidence level.  Are you bisexual? hetero? gay? Can you please be alittle more specific about your homosexual experience?
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Jeremy I only had ONE encounter with a man and thats all; I dont think that being more specific is an issue here. It all, I had only ONE encounter with this person, in the encounter as I said the fellatio (both; given and recieved) were unprotected.
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Doc; thanks for your response... and yes, since PR is part (but not a state of USA) the CDC here follow the same rules and a confirmatory TPPA has been done today; I need to wait 2 weeks for the results. In the meantime, I plan to get tested for HIV again next week since there will be 8 weeks since the encounter.

Thanks for your words...
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I was just curious, sorry if I may of offended you.  Good luck, and I hope everything works out fine for you. :)
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Don't feel bad for asking a question. People shouldn't post on here if they don't want their business out in the open. They're getting medical advice for $10 under a fake name, and still they don't want anyone to ask them question. What's up with that?
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Look ranger or something like that; I post the info necessary for the post and people post here because Dr.HHH is very recognized in this materia. But I doubt that describing the facts relating the sexual relation is helpful. That is for psychos... and I don not saying that the good person that ask for more details is one of them.
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