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(un)Reasonable fear of Syphilis?

Good Morning Doctors from a frozen England!

I'm late thirties male, married, healthy (I do have anxiety and self esteem issues and am having counselling) and hitherto STI free but have been bi-curious for a while, but have never acted upon those feelings, preferring to be faithful and monogamous until recently. Anyway, I ended up going to a gay sauna - I was just curious. Ended up kissing another man quite vigoursly and there was some touching; his fingers on my bottom, etc and possibly very light and brief penis (his) to body (mine) contact. The other man firtsly gave me a handjob. He then tried to perform oral sex - in trying to do so, and just in time I covered myself up and didn't allow this to happen.

Realising that I was feeling very uncomfortable with this situation, I removed myself from the Sauna and went home. That was the absolute extent of my encounter.

Fast forward, it's been nearly nine weeks since this regrettable encounter. In those nine weeks I have been watching my body for any signs of infection and have to say that there has been none -

No pain when urinating
No discharge,
No ache's or tenderness in my testes.
No signs or blisters, lesions or chancker sores.
In actual fact, no nothing that would be considered sinister in terms of STI infection.

I think ultimately what I am worried about is Syphilis - as I've heard that almost all cases are in the Bi-sexual and Gay communities.  Which has worried me a little. So, in light of that my question is;

Have I put myself at risk for Syphilis or any other STI's and is there a need to test just to be sure?

Grateful for any advice given.
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Welcome to our Forum.  I see you have already asked this question on the STD Community site and agree with the advice you have received there.  STDs, including syphilis are not transmitted by kissing, masturbation (giving or receiving, or causal contact of the sort you describe.  With or without symptoms (in your case, without), there is no risk of STD, including syphilis and HIV from the encounter you describe and therefore no medical reason to seek testing.  If you choose to seek testing (it is easily accomplished), it should be done for your own peace of mind, not because you are at meaningful risk for infection from the activity you describe.  

Take care.  EWH
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