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unprotected oral

Hello Dr

unprotected oral sex on Feb. 11st & 31st for about 2min and we kissed as well. The person that performed acted had no visible cold sore or bumps on her lips and month. Never had a cold sores or symptoms of herpes at any point of her life that she can remember and in October of 2012 she tested negative for all STD’s per her. She recently test positive for HSV-1 IGG score of 6 on February 8th.

I am concern that I have acquired HSV-1 from her.

On Monday the 11th, FLU like symptoms. I am not sure if the symptoms are due to the panic and anxiety attack I had ever since I found out she tested positive on February 11.

February 14 was told by Dr I had a stomach virus. During this time, I noticed what seems to be a tiny dry area in the form of a circle with a white dot in the skin on in the middle of my shaft were the foreskin seem to meet(I am circumcised). It did not hurt, itch and is not red in color and is still there. Also, I noticed on the bottom of the tip of my penis, I found a tiny tiny dot that looks more like a tear.

On February 21st I felt a soreness in my right testacial and on my right groin area & mild sore throat on the right side of my throat. I was told I had Epididymitis.

Blood test  negative at 3 wks past my last encounter for STD's.


1. Does any of this make any sense and does it sound like herpes?

2. When would you recommend for me to take the Hsv-1 IGG test?

3. Was this a high risk activity for genital herpes?

4. Was this a high risk activity for oral herpes?

5. Can the Epididymitis be a cause for the sore throat? If not, any ideas?

6. if she has in fact recently been infected with HSV-1 but yet has not had any outbreaks/symptoms how contagious is she?

7. I know this woman for over 2 year(work) before our encounter and she has never has any visible oral outbreaks, does this matter?

My only concerned  is the possibility of me acquiring HSV-1 from this incident.


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WElcome to the forum.

I agree with the evaluation and advice you had from Terri Warren on the herpes expert forum.  It is very unlikely you acquired genital HSV-1.  Flu-like symptoms are rarely the only symptoms of a new HSV infection; they generally occur only in conjunction with obvious genital sores, pain, etc.

Since the same questions have been answered by Terri, my responses are brief:

1) No, this doesn't sound at all like herpes.

2) Frankly, I recommend against testing.  But if you insist, do it about 3 months after the exposure.

3,4) No, this was a low risk event.  On average, I would guess that HSV-1 transmission occurs no more often than once for every 10,000 oral sex events.

5) I'm skeptical you really had epididymitis, which is rarely as mild as you describe and also is rare -- most rather vague, mild testicular pain has other causes (often genitally focused anxiety).  My guess is the doctor was making a possible diagnosis, not a definitive one.  In any case, epididymitis doesn't cause sore throat. Almost all sore throats are due to garden variety respiratory viruses, allergies, etc.

6) In that unlikely event, she would be more infectious.  But the chances of that are, of course, very low.

7) Her blood test result shows she has HSV-1, just like half the adult population.  Whether or not she has had visible oubreaks (that you have noticed) makes no difference/

My advice is to move on without fear of genital or oral herpes.  Based on all you have said on both forums, it's really not a reasonable concern for you.


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Good Morning Dr.

Thanks you for taking my post again. If you remember my post, my main concern is the possibility of acquiring herpes from my exposure to a woman that was HSV-1 positive but had no cold sores during our encounter.

I forgot to mention in my initial post, that after my encounter, I clean my penis with antibacterial and rubbing alcohol, I know after reading stuff online that was not a very smart move by me. Well, on February 11th, while I had the flu-like symptoms I describe above, I had a red irritation on the top right side underneath the head on my penis, very small circle that look like a rash. I put some Neosporin on it and the next day it seem to get a lot better and within a couple of days in completely went away. This was one of the reason for my panic attacks regarding herpes.  

After your post, I am feeling a more confidant that I was lucky and did not acquire HSV-1 form that exposure given that its been 5 weeks and i have had no lession or sores. However, yesterday I noticed the same red irritation came back to almost the same area in which I noticed on February 11th. Again, I put some Neosporin and lotion and it seems to be getting better or disappearing. At no time have I experience pain, sores, tear or itching even when I touch it. Maybe be a mild itch once a day if that. It feels dry if I rub on it and become darker in color.


1. Is this typical how dry skin or fungal rash act?

2. Any idea what it could be?

3. How should I move forward in treating ?

4. Any chance this can be herpes? (Just trying to make sure as I would like to move on from this experience and not be worries about giving hsv-1 to may partner)

Thanks again and this will be my last post.
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This additional information does not change my opinion or advice.

1) Yes, fungal and other skin rashes often behave this way.
2) Neosporin has no effect on fungi, only bacteria -- so failure to improve, or frequent recurrence with neosporin, might support a fungal infection.  But there are at least 20 other common non-STD genital skin rashes that could be responsible.
3) Return to your doctor an follow his or her advice.
4) No, there is no chance a rash like this is herpes.

And I agree this is your last post -- for sure it is the last one that will have a response from me.  Do your best to move on.
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