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vaginal discharge with bleeding

i have been having this brown-green vaginal discharge x2 months now, its not odorous.  and now i have slight vaginal bleeding after intercourse which has progressed to scant vaginal bleeding without intercourse.  intercourse has been becoming progressively painful.  i am getting scared.  i dont have a primay md and dont have any medical insurance. do i or can i go to an urgent care facility.  also,  i have had a hysterectomy.  and my partner does not use condoms.
where can i go get this checked out?
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Welcome to the STD forum.

You are correct that this symptom should be promptly evaluated by a health professional.  Although STDs often cause such symptoms, there are many non-STD causes of vaginal discharge.  If you had a total hysterectomy (i.e., if your cervix was removed along with the rest of your uterus), the chance of STD is lower.  However, you say nothing about your or your partner's STD risks, so I really cannot judge that possibility.  Of course the chance of STD is higher if either of you has other sex partners recently, and lower if you have not.

You don't say where you are, but in most US communities there are nearby public health STD clinics where you can get expert care at little or no cost.  Call the local or state health department (look in the government section of the phone book) to find the nearest one.  Other options are free or low-cost community clinics, or private family planning clinics, especially Planned Parenthood.  Wherever you go, I suggest your partner join you, so that you both can be examined and tested at the same time.  If none of this works out, phone your local county medical society and ask about other options for low-cost care.

Such symptoms could be serious.  One way or the other, see a doctor or clinic in the next few days.  Please return with a comment to let me know what is found.

Good luck--  HHH, MD
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