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vein-like growth which extends from pubic bone to hip bone.

For the last couple of months, I've noticed a lump a little north of the right side of my pelvic bone. It doesn't hurt, and when I got this checked with a doctor who asked me to cough, since this buldged  and grew when I coughed, he diagnosed it as hernia.

This relived me for a little while, but I'm now more concerned with the vein-like growth which extends from the middle of my pubic bone all the way to my hip bone. They are visible on both sides, and are firm and appear more visible when I arch my back backwards. Are these my lymph nodes? They appear more like veins than bumps, and they are maximum 1/2 inch high, but extend all the way to my hip bone.

I'm concerned and hope you can put my mind to ease.
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Welcome to the STD forum.  The bottom line is that no STD is likely to be the cause for such a symptom.

You don't say anything about your sexual activities or other risks for STD.  And apparently you have no other STD symptoms, like genital ulcers, penile discharge, etc.  But even if you are at high risk, I doubt this symptom is due to any STD.  There is a ligament that runs from the pubic bone to the hip, so maybe that's just a little more prominent.  Anything serious, like inflamed lymph nodes, would not be so symmetrical, with nearly identical appearance on both sides of the body.  I also doubt this has anything to do with your hernia.  And apparently there is no pain or tenderness, which also suggests this is nothing abnormal.

However, it is impossible to tell what you have with certainty, without direct professional assessment.  Without direct examination, you will never get a definitive answer, so see a health care provider.

Regards--  HHH, MD
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Thankyou doctor for your reply. I am a sexually active male and I don't have any other symptoms.

Do lymph nodes move or expand when you cough? As for the vein-like ligament, i think what you are referring to is the inguinal ligament, but my understanding is that this band is deep inside the body. So is it normal for this to be visible?

Furthermore, don't the superficial inguinal lymph nodes appear as a chain that might resemble this cord? I'm worried it might just be that.

Thanks again.
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The inguinal ligament is not far from the surface, but that's only a guess.

Please re-read my reply above, which is intended to be reassuring.  My guess is that this is nothing serious and perhaps nothing abnormal at all.  I will be happy to comment again after you report the result of a professional examination -- but until then will have no more to say.
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