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white discharge

Yesterday I noticed a white discharge during urination that I have never seen before.  It appeared during about 3-5 urinations, and has not reappeared since, and was coupled with burning.  I have not engaged in any unprotected sex in several months, and even when I have it was only oral (both giving and receiving).  While I have not had discharge in the past, about 6 weeks ago I did have slight discomfort during/after urination and an itchy or tingling sensation in the tip of my penis fairly constantly for several days which was extremely irritating, but again no discharge.  I went to see a Urologist then who said it was not anything to worry about and was sure it wasn't an STD.  The burning lasted a few days and went away.  Now 6 weeks later I had the discharge out of nowhere.  It is white/clear colored.  I called the doctor and she ordered a urinalysis to check for bacteria or infection, but no STD test.  Should I feel uncomfortable with this?  Also, when I saw her the first time she ordered an xray and found I have a small kidney stone, but that hasn't seemed to bother me.  Could that have caused this problem?  One other thing I should mention - several months ago I had severe stomach pains and a GI determined (through a breath test) I had major excess bacteria in my small intestine and I took several courses of antibiotics (Xifaxan, Levaquin and Erythromycin) which I just recently ended, and my stomach has been much better.  He never determined what caused the bacteria problem, but thinks it was some bad meat or something.  Could this be related to my existing problem?  Does this sound like an STD?  Should I find a new doctor?  Should I just go get an STD test eventhough the Urologist thinks its not an STD?
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A completely white or clear discharge (not yellowish or creamy) that only comes with urination, or perhaps with bowel movements or other straining, probably reflects secretions from the prostate gland or seminal vesicles.  The discharge of infectious urethritis sometimes is white or only slightly cloudy, but it occurs spontaneously, not just with urination or straining.  And since you haven't been at risk for an STD, a non-infectious cause is even more likely.  Such benign discharge can be entirely normal, and from what you say about your doctors' opinions, that's the case for you.

Your other symptoms are unrelated to your urinary symptoms.  The "excess bacteria" you report, based on the way it was diagnosed (breath test) and the drugs used, was Helicobacter pylori, now known to be the main cause of peptic ulcer (which never was caused by stress or diet).

Bottom line:  Sounds like your urologist and the other doc are on the right track, and that you have no STD or anything you need to worry about.  But follow up with them if your symptoms continue or you remain concerned.


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I have had a similar problem three times in the past year. I've found no connection to when it shows up and anything I've eaten or activity done etc.  I too have kidney stones that have not caused any problems.  I too had urine tests which showed nothing. I too saw my Dr. who could not find a cause. He further said he'd never heard of it and suggested it was left over semen however I've found no connection between when it shows and sex.

The one thing I have noticed is that it seems to come after my wife and I use a vibrator, particularly if the vibrator was on my lower stomach.  Perhaps it's vibrating kidney stones??  When I suggested this to my Dr. he looked at me like I was nuts but I have seen this one correlation.

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