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hi my name is dan i was on subutex for just over 2 years i taperd down to 0.2ml and im now on my 3rd day withdrawing dus anyone ave any tips...pls help
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Hey I'm on suboxone, I've been on it for almost 2 years now... Were just getting ready to tapper.. Kinda scared of what your CURRENTLY going threw...
Did you just start tappering down?
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Hi, just wanted to get an opinion. I have chronic pain but my Dr knows I'm an addict, so she cut my Vicodin in half and made me sign a contract. I've been withdrawing everyday, trying to stretch my meds, but alas I'm out. My friend mailed me some 8mg Suboxone, which I should receive today. I've used Subs once before and it worked well for pain...the thing is I've tapered my Vic's down to 2 (7.5) a day, and still have w/d's inside 24 hours. I want to stretch the Subs as long as possible, will 1 mg a day be enough?
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