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Checking In

Hi and Happy Holidays to you all!!
Just wanted to say hi to all of my friends here. I hope life hasn't been to mean. I have had an unbelievable amount of misfortune lately, too the point where I can only laugh. On the other hand, I haven't had any major flare ups, just the minor stuff, so yay for that!
I had to reschedule my neuro-opth/general neuro appt till the end of Jan because of my precepting schedule :( Guess this means they have no excuse for not having ALL of my results!
I miss u all, and hope that you are well,
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dear chanda,

thank you for checking in, and i'm sorry you've been through a patch of rough sledding as of late.  i hope the tide turns for you soon with all that business very soon.

take good care and please keep us posted as your appointment draws closer.

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Hey girl!!!  Sorry, somehow I missed this.  Glad to hear you haven't had any flares, but sorry that you've been having a hard time.

I hope that school is going well for you; this is your last semester, correct?  You are soooo close, I am happy for you!
Take care and sending big hugs your way,
Sarah  =D
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I missed this too...but I took a little hiatus myself. Hugs.

Please check in with how you are doing. I hope things getting better with your misfortune.

Hugs and Happy Holidays.
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