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Checking in!!!

Hello family,

Today is my 7th voice with no voice. During my time with no voice I am learning to listen more. So, I have heard Gods crying for me to get my husband and myself back to him. I also have heard just how hard some of my co-workers have it right now. God told me to get one of them to him as well. So, what I first thought was a nightmare, became a blessing. Although, don't get me wrong am grateful my voice is coming back.

The IRS has sent me 3 emails telling me I qualified for 3 different positions now I am just praying one ask me in for an interview soon. A job there will help me get insurance, and get out of this debt hole I am in. So I guess you could say life is staring to look up.

My only worry is the doctor has me on steroids to help get my voice back. If I have lymes like I believe I am scared my sxs are gonna come back with a vengeance. But I  taking them figuring since the doctors think they know so much, if anything happens maybe they will realize that lymes could be a reality. So, I guess God is still playing a hand in this too. For I know the answers I seek he will give soon.

Now to my friends here!!! How are ya? Any new news? What's life been like? I pray all that are feeling ill feel better before Christmas. I pray those coping with stress have it lifted from them. I pray life gets easier for all, and feels like a blessing from above everyday. Well, don't forget to let me know if ya need prayer I got ya. Let us know your good news to. Good news is always fun to hear. May God bless you all,

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