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Endocrine Labs...would you tell me what you think?

Name                                                 Result                                           Normal Range

Thyroid Stimulating Hormone     1.23 milli intl-unit(s)/L                             0.35 - 4.94

DHAS, Dehydroepiandrosterone     416 mcg/dL                                           75 - 410  

Vitamin D 25-OH,                          Total 21.1 ng/mL                                   20.0 - 50.0  

Cyanocobalamin, Vitamin B12            348 pg/mL                                       208 - 964  

This is the result of my MS Specialist having a Naturopathic MD to help support her patients in alternative medicine. I have been having some pretty significant issues with my blood sugar levels. I am hypoglycemic. I have been since I can remember.  My Vit D is higher than it has been and rising from 21 from 17. I am supplements but they seem to be taking a LONG time as I've been on them for nearly a year now.

I believe my questions surround around the B12 and the DHEA.  The DHEA seems quite high given my age 42 and being female.  I was on a round of steroids 2 months prior. I am not sure if that would make a difference in that test or not. My sister is B12 deficient and I'm wondering if anyone things this might be low enough to treat?

Niko, I figured you would help me. I am on a diet (that I have fallen off of with some stress in moving out of state) but it's high protein, low dairy and minimal sugar. I am on Fish Oil, Vit D, Biofids as supplements. Thoughts?
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Hey Barb.

Normal range for D vit.( blood ) is 30ng/ml - 74 ng/mL. Lab values vary.
Should try emulsified liquid drops/sublingual.

Normal range for B12 is 200 - 900 pg/mL -optimum for your age 400+
Take ONLY MethylCobalamin  injections or sub-lingual liquid! Never cyanocobalamin as the cyanide combines with potassium in the body creating the  highly toxic Potassium Cyanide (KCN). Who needs this?

It takes time to build up D and B12.
Also look into transdermal magnesiumchloride.
Most of us are Mg deficient.

DHEA is fine. Steroids are immuno-suppressive so antibody levels would be altered (low or none). Don't see co-relation with posted findings.

Try Extra Virgin Coconut Oil in place of all cooking oils (pro-inflammatory
when heated). Thermogenesis in a diet of 40% calories from coconut oil,
is twice the thermogenesis from a diet of 40% calories from other oils.
Also the thermogenesis continues for the next 24 hours!

And no load on the pancreas, as it gets converted easily to energy by the liver. Should help with weight control/loss, hypoglycemia, it's antifungal,
anti-parasitic, antiviral, anti-microbial.
Have frequent snacks, or frequent smaller meals.

Look into P Amylase deficiency (made in the pancreas) or impaired delivery to the duodenum.
Also have you had test for HLA gene? If you carry this then your body cannot produce antibodies for many toxins including mycotoxins that may be lingering in your body

Myelin synthesis needs essential fats like omega3 and omega9 (we all have probably too much omega 6) and you're doing already fish oils
(omega 3).Olive oil -not heated- nuts and avocados are good sources of
omega -9. Don't be afraid of fats. Just avoid vegetable oils and seed oils
in cooking!

Try "Undenatured" Whey powder for Glutathione supplementation.
Glutathione is the master anti-oxidant and recycles other vitamins
thus making your body more efficient, by reducing waste.
Mix with vegetable juice or with natural fruit smoothies or yogurt
but never in a blender or heated. It's subject easily to chemical alternation.

Bioflavonoids work in synergy with vitamin C.

And finally diets don't work Lol!
Distress! Do meditation. it's great!
Use a meditation CD if unable to get into it!

Hope this helps.

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Thanks Niko! I did have the genetic test but moved and am having trouble getting up to Seattle to see my naturopath. I might get back up there in the next couple weeks then transfer my care. I will work on these. He's talking about starting me on progesterone too, just to reduce my flares more. I really liked him.
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