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Face tingling

I was wondering if anyone else experiences this odd sensation that I've had a few times over the last month.

I can feel an itch or tingle on my face but when I go to touch it my hand has gone to completely the wrong area of my face, like below or above the area or even the wrong side of my face!  It's like the wiring has got mixed up and sends my hand to the wrong place.

Told you it was weird!

Big hugs x
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Hi cydpink,  What you are describing was one of the first symptoms I had.  Mine felt like a numb feeling---odd sensation.  I experienced the itchiness persistently!  It comes and goes but is frequent.

If one hair fell on my face it would feel horrible!

I have small scabs on my face from itching so much.  As far as the reaching for something and your hand problem, I have experienced that too but not associated with the face stuff.  

I don't know what it is.  I haven't been able to get help with this

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Hi cydpink

yep, now that you come to mention it...the hand-miss thing happens to me sometimes. It's usually when I have some other sx like blurry vision or numb face (one side) or the old familiar throb/ache (tother side of neck).

Actually, there's another more subtle 'misfire' now that I think about it. That hand just misses 'targets'  a lot. Like it usually takes about 3 goes to pick up a teabag or a piece of paper - light things. And I just don't use that hand anymore for fine jobs (opening packets, envelopes, undoing knots, picking up coins etc).

I don't think about it mostly. But I believe it's quite a common feature of a wide range of neuro conditions. Not to diminish it, but just to say that it seems more people than we realise struggle with this one to some degree.

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Thanks guys

glad to know I'm not going mad!

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me too!
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if anything touches my lips, I want to freak out. I can put on lipstick and kisses are ok, but if something grazes against my lips, I get freaky tingles and can't stand it.

I dont know if this is anywhere related, but when I was laying down to go to sleep last night, I could feel my pulse in my bottom lip.

that never happened before and it really bothered me.
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