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Hugs for everyone

Hi All,

I know I have been AWOL but I think of you all often..I have been fighting fatigue lately..I wanted to send a hug message to everyone individually to say hi but then thought, that could take all day and I do NOT have the energy...

So here is a post for Hugs to all.

Love Jibs
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Thankyou Jibs!
BIG HUGS to you and prayerful wishes for energy to be bestowed upon you.:)
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Thank you for the hugs. I will be praying for you, in hopes that you feel more energy then you ever have. Fatigue can be a harsh thing to cope with. Their has been days when I come home from work and pass out. Then don't get up til 15 min before work the following day. Therefore, I will be praying hard for you. May God be with you,

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Finally I figured out that there was a glitch and couldn't submit over 2000
words. Sorry to have troubled you with my message Tammy!
So I'll break this post in 2. I can't do short replies! lol!

Jibby, nice to see you back again!
I've been busy - no fatigue though -just
lots of work . My life is like the Run-away-train lately! lol!
So I' haven't been regular.
I'm doing the 21-day meditation on abundance* with Deepak Chopra and this not only free, but extremely helpful to "create more time.
*Abundance in anything you desire, not necessarily material things.
Send me a message for the link, if interested, or do a search.
It's day 14 today.

Kimberly and Tammy,
I had prepared this post originally a couple days ago for Tammy

You're like our Angel in this group! Always showering everyone with Love,
Prayers and good Thoughts!
(Kimberly you're like the newer Angel on the block!)

Tammy-but pertinent to anyone with URTIs-

You can do a magnesium chloride treatment
for your URTI, being the most fundamental holistic
method available.
This information comes from a friend and
colleague in France - a Holistic and Natural Health Doctor who claims he has treated tens of thousands of patients over the years, using this remedy.
Get some food grade magnesium chloride hexahydrate powder,
mix 30 grams in 1000ml of filtered water and slip very SLOWLY -to avoid laxative effects!- throughout the day. Continue for 3-4 days.
That should help clear most URTIs.
End of part 1

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The loss of your mom, is not really a loss. You are so Spiritual Tammy
and so connected to God, that I know you understand that this is only a transition to another life form.
A life much better than what we know, with no pain, no suffering at all! Only Bliss, Love and Joy!
And guess what? If you "allow" to have the  presence of her Spirit around,
it will manifest and you will experience it.
I can attest to this personally!
"Allow" is the key word and since our conditioning sets many fake rules  (from birth onward) on how to think and act, it almost becomes impossible in one's thoughts, to "allow" such an event. The interesting thing is that her spirit is already around you, and embracing this fact, will help you establish a bridge of communication with her.
The best time for me to communicate with Spirits, is when I meditate alone, in a quiet, cool and dark room. It's when the brain activity is lessened,
like at the theta brain frequency, where judgement and analysis give way to the Divine Self and the Spirit to do its wonderful work, unobstructed from the influences of the Ego.
End of part 2
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For Everyone.
On another note, regarding illness, I learnt from a wonderful Teacher-
Emmet Fox- that if your attention and energy is directed primarily toward spiritual development, and regard certain conditions in your life as incidental
these conditions will improve much faster than if you are directing your attention and your energy primarily toward your conditions,
and regard your spiritual growth as incidental.
(I use "you" and "your" in a generalized manner like "one" or "one's".)
Many, if not most members and friends here, can benefit tremendously
from such wisdom.
I was blessed with the ability to seek and use such wisdom and to which I now attribute my good health and my well-being.
So while the "medical" pursuit is important, let's not give it Executive Powers over every other aspect of our lives.

Will You, Will They? Definitely, I Shall Pray.
For When You Work Spiritually, The Outcome Is Divine Victory!

Blessings, Hugs and Love.
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Thankyou so very much! You are an amazing person.!
We all are so blessed and grateful to have someone as awesome as you with your knowledge and wisdom and you so kindly and warm heartily share with us here.
May the Lord bless you greatly and I know great will be your reward Niko.:)

I have sent you a PM in further detail.

Again, thankyou for all your kind words.
Many blessings,
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