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Mayo Clinic?!

I am over the moon excited that DH got a 5-10 day appointment at Mayo Clinic - Dec. 10.  Anyone have any experiences on what to expect etc?
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Wonderful! The Mayo Clinic is known for their clinical research and people from all over the world travel there to be evaluated and treated-all very positive...

Do let us know how you get on.

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Welcome on board. What a handsome couple you both are.

Just out of curiosity you said your hubbies problems started about 7 years ago, did anything happen then? Its good to write down a timeline of events as sometimes they can be the key.

Like Supo said the Mayo clinic is one of the best and he will be in good hands. I expect they will do a barrage of tests for him.

He has a wonderful caring wife who is supporting him through this we know how hard it is for you, to see someone you love in pain with no answers it is very frustrating. But you both have to believe that answers will come and just be there for him it really helps believe me. My hubby sadly is pretty useless at supporting me, but its because he doesnt care he just doesnt know how to. LIke he said he is an engineer and he can fix anything mechanical but hasnt got a clue how to fix me LOL.

I noticed he has sleep apnea and if this can be sorted he will feel better as with any illness you need to sleep and rest as much as you can it does help.

I would be interested if you have time to see how/when all this started.

And yes please let us know how you get on. It isnt too far away and time just goes so quickly. Hugs Mariaxx
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Forgot to say. You say in your profile hubby gets stomach pains. Does he keep a diary about this? I get stomach pains and they say I have IBS (not convinced lol), but I do notice that my stomach gets worse with some things I eat. A lot of people with autoimmune problems etc can get stomach problems IBS etc.

Whether or not it is brought on by the stress of the illness or not is open to discussion LOL.

It would be worth him keeping a diary BEFORE he goes to the clinic.

Some people have intolerance and allergies that can cause so many problems you wouldnt believe.

Just a thought anyway. maria
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Thanks so much.  Yes he had a series of head injuries 7 years ago within a short time frame.  Sports injury (concussion), car accident (concussion) and then he was walking to his car one night and was jumped by a gang who repeatedly kicked and punched him in the back of his head before he was able to get away.  He had a big hematoma in the back of his head.  We've kept a mini timeline, but I'll definitely work on that before we go!

One doctor did suggest he may have IBS, especially since it runs in his family... it's hard to know for sure.  Thanks for asking!
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Oh my goodness your poor hubby.

Have you considered that some of this could be Post Traumatic Stress Disorder?

I ask because I met a lovely lady about 2 years ago who had a traumatic incidence in her life and she was suffering very similar to your hubby even after 3 years of the event. She thought she had MS actually.

She did finally see someone about PTSD and was given tons of support and slowly she started to get better. PTSD can cause physical symptoms and disorders, especially stomach pains, aching neck and shoulders, and sleep apnea.

Not saying it is all PTSD but it could be partly to blame.

Either way I am not surprised he is suffering with problems after what has happened to him.

Hugs Mariax
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So glad for you and your hubby.  I am also going to Mayo in Rochester Mn, what city are you all going to? or did I miss it...LOL  that wouldn't be the first brain "burp" I've had. :)

I go Nov 4 so will keep you all posted, and I too hope they are what most people say they are.

Keep us posted and best wishes,
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Oh how exciting good luck on the 4th November tracy please keep us posted. Big hugs and have a lovely weekend, mariaxxx
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Good luck to your husband on Thursday, I hope his stay in the Mayo clinic gives him the answers he needs to get better. Hugs Mariax
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