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Online article: Labeling sick patients psychiatric is medical abuse

"From Chronic Fatigue to Lyme: Medically Unexplained No More.
Labeling sick patients psychiatric is medical abuse."

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Its overdue.

Thanks for posting. Will check out the article later.

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Thanks for this. Like supo said its way over due.

I am still of the mind that there is a new disease in town. xx
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I think some of these psychologists and psychiatrists have issues. I mean... to automatically assume that a new illness is caused by stress or depression is not only harmful to the people suffering, but it is stupid and even selfish. Obviously some psychologists and psychiatrists are eager to make a name for themselves... even if that means acting in an inappropriate, abusive manner. That is medical abuse and it hurts others. Of course the recommendation for such inappropriate behavior would be counseling.  ; ^ )
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HI i so agree with you.

Its all too easy to just say to someone you have a conversion disorder or a physc problem because its the easy option.

Yes there will be some people who have conversion disorders or even physc problems but i am sure these are in the minority.

The question should be.

Why does the patient want to be ill? Why would the patient prefer to sit at home loosing her wages (mine was 25,000 per annum) to get some benefits of the government. Because I am a sponger, hardly as I have worked on and off since I was 16 (now 58).

For me when someone comes in presenting our symptoms, they should give us a questionnaire covering lots of things like what illness did we have, operations, when did we first notice the problem start etc etc, instead of which you go to the doctor and if your lucky you get 20 minutes to explain how you feel.

I do think though that some people dont help themselves and go in there spouting off medical terms that they could only get off the Internet and googling, and sadly I know a couple or two who are work shy and pretending to be ill and its these people who spoil it for everyone else. One has his neuro convinced he has MS even with limited evidence. I see this guy regularly walking about with his wife and 3 dogs with hardly a limp until he goes to the GP then he is in his mobility scooter. He also has a huge caravan which he takes on holiday 3 times a year. (Not that people with MS cant do this = but he says he has no mobility).

God I am writing rubbish, its too late for me to type I need to wait until tomorrow I think, so tired and muddly tonight LOL.

I read the article anyway and it was very good. Good night Mariaxxx
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I think the scariest part is it often isn't psychologists or psychiatrists who are claiming sick folks are just depressed or whatever. It's the neurologists, rheumatologists, etc., who are making those labels even though they don't even have the training for identifying complicated psychiatric problems.

I haven't had a doctor burden me with that kind of thing, but I know my rheumy, who's well respected in the local medical community, doesn't "believe" in fibromyalgia. He says it's "cured" by exercise and anti-depressants. *I* know that's BS and insulting, but there he is training medical students and residents. :-(

I'm happy to see this article, and crossing my fingers that the virus they think is tied to CFS/ME turns out to be a solid lead that helps discover a real treatment or cure.
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