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Onset of Symptoms

There seems to be some validity to the theory that physical or emotional trauma seems to relate to the onset of neurological and autoimmune disease processes.

Did you suffer any emotional or physical trauma before the onset of your symptoms?
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And, I had a really bad case of mono in my teens as well as living in the northern hemisphere and having Scottish genes.

It seems I was doomed from the get go, And, now Freddie Mecury is yelling something about fat bottomed girls at me!

The nerve ;)
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Who is Freddie Mercury and indeed...the nerve!!  I had a torn knee and operation because I tried to get up and my right leg was numb and it got twisted.  Ouch.  I had symptoms before that surfaced usually after some extreme stress.  
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I voted "yes-loss of job/security," though it was actually the opposite!  I had just gotten my degree and relocated to start my job.  Close enough, it was a majorly stressful life event that brought out my neurological symptoms.
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Hi I vted yes to surgery but have had EBV in past...

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car accident started it all.........................it wasnt even a bad accident.  boy I wish I would have called off sick that day///although knowing my luck i would have gotten fired for calling off and then loosing my job would have caused the stress and everything would have started anyway  LOL
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Hi all

Amazing, isn't it?  Again there is a common thread with nearly all of us.

Wonko, you are right about some major stressor in your life. And, Lu, it seems folks in limbo and who have been in limbo are very stoic and strong so whereas you don't think your accident was bad it was an accident which affected your life...

Charley, my weak attempt at humour *embarrassed now* Freddie Mecury was lead singer of the rock group Queen, the song happened to come on when I was posting and it made me lol...

Jib-I ran out of boxes again...lol and I wish they would allow more than one choice at a time...

Thanks for replying. I hope you all have a great weekend.

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Although my dad died prior to all the problems in 1982 I had a full hysterectomy and my gallbladder out before the age of 27.

2 years later in 1982 is when the symptoms started, pins and needles, myalgia in my legs and fatigue. After a few years it settled down although I always had something weird going on.

When my dad died suddenly in 2 years I had an attack of optic neuritis TWICE proven on a later VEP test. Then things went weird from then about 9 years ago.

The rest is history.

Oh yes in between that I DID have a bad fall off my horse landed heavily on my back but thankfully didnt break anything.

I did research on endometriosis and MS/ME/LUPUS and i had 200 women contact me in a space of a few weeks who had endo and then came down with either MS/ME/LUPUS.

I am convinced their is a link.
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Related to the above comment about stoicism, I also think that while a major stressor set off my obvious symptoms, I had been suppressing an underlying problem for years.  The stress brought about a big enough increase that I finally woke up to the fact that something was wrong.  I'd been brushing more subtle indications of a problem under the rug for years, blaming stress, lifestyle, etc.

And for the record, I got the Freddie Mercury reference and never liked that song either due to my sensitivity about my size!
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I caught my husband w another woman in our bed. 2 yr later he was still messing around on me so I asked him to leave. We maintained a friendly relationship and I went to counseling to help me keep my head straight. I was doing fine. Then I started going through sexual harassment at work I was afraid to report it because I was only on the job for 4-5 yrs compared to the 5 men who were grabbing me and stocking me. I went to my counselor instead. She finally helped me have the courage to report them. Things at work got worse. I inspected tires at Michelin North America. South Carolina offered me no help, told me to go to GA. I knew if I lost my job, I lost my home and would be forced to let my husband come back. 4-5 months went by w me trying to get someone to help me and the longer it went the weaker I got. I went to doc for twitching in my face and feelings of fear.  In the end I lost my job was denied disability and had let let my husband come home that had been gone 2 years. I never did get my strength back. My husband has been a much better man and is taking good care of me now. I have raised 5 children that are successful and have always been a strong possitive healthy woman. I've never been sick or had problems until now. I wonder if my bad stroke syms since docs finding a Cavernous Hemangonia that bled last month has anything to do w the stress and craziness from 3 yrs ago.    
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Hi and welcome to the forum.

Goodness me you have been in the wars. Stress is very bad for us and you have certainly had your share not only with your husbands infidelity but the harrasment at work. This could have been catalyst that started you on your journey.

A Cavernous Hemangonia from what i have researched should not have caused you such devastatingly awful neurological problems. Are you being tested for other diseases on top like MS etc or have they been discounted.

I am so glad you have got back together again with your husband sometimes they need a shock to bring them back to earth and reality. It is a shame that your health has had to suffer to arrive at this end.

You are a very handsome couple.

Where are you now with your illness?

I think I have problems mine are nothing compared to yours.

Big hugs. Mariaxxx
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Thank-You Sweet Lady!! Blessings to you from above for the special message of hope,understanding and love you are sending out to all! :)

Thanks to you and others in this group. Even as a silent person reading outside your group, I was given hope and more ideas on where to search out my own symps  more.

I had a very good visit w my N Surgeon today. My family doc is awesome! After I left the NS office last time I went to her .We decided each time I went to the NS docs, I would see her. She felt they were guessing. When I got to the NS office today and Shuffled in w my walker, I felt like I had the red carpet rolled out for me! They were prepared and let me know my Dr West was in contact w them. They sat down in   front of me eye to eye, and spent an hour explaining things and asking questions, letting me talk and ask them things and feel like they really heard me.... :
                                            Thank You Jesus!!
Along w 3 other docs they are leaning toward MS as my dx. I am being sent to other docs for more tests for MS. You are right, the ungodly stress of my life going out of control back 2-3 years ago does play a large part in the mess w my nerv system now.  They said it's MS or something in that family. Thanks so much for caring. I'll be in touch and keep you posted.
PS... I'm a spunky, happy, positive person....As long as there's life, there's hope and I'm still kicking!  LOL  

My short term and long range goals are "TO LIVE LIFE TO THE FULLEST" :)

Once I know what I need to do or take to live as normal as possible...I'll do it and I'll be on a roll setting goals for myself and' Making the Best' of what I have to work with. :)  Blessing and Best wishes to all out there!
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I had been working out for a while .But I really pushed myself for about 6 months.For the first time in my life had a 6 pack tummy.I was sooo damn happy.Then I got a mild cold and thats when neurological chaos broke out in my body.My neuro and I discussed the role of hormons.He found it interesting that this whatever I have happened after a drop in hormons.My periods were affected because I was working out alot .He mentioned the fact that MS symptoms are almost dormant during pregnancy. HMMMMMMM??????
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