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So that's it then. End of the road for me.........

Got my letter about my MRI.

The letter writes thus:

Thank you for having the MRI scans of the cervical and thoracic spine. They were reported as UNCHANGED from the imaging of December 2008. The radiologist reporting this time said there is the potential for some pinching of the nerve going between the 3rd and 4th neck vertebrae (C3/C4) but otherwise although there is a degree of wear and tear change (spondylosis) this isn't having any neurological consequences, that is, the nerve pathways are all free and unobstructed.

This is obviously good news, although I appreciate that it may be frustrating as it hasn't taken us any further forward.

Yours sincerely


No will see you again to discuss this just bye bye really.

So then the LESION they saw must STILL BE THERE as the MRI is UNCHANGED.

Now they note a possible pinching of nerves.

So Mr neuro what next?

Why I am I so ill and getting worse. Is it all in my mind am I doing this to myself??

How the hell do I get well ??? If I dont know what is wrong how do I move forward?????

Feel so depressed right now what the hell is wrong with me....

So it looks as though limbo land is where I am going to stay.

Hugs Mariaxxx
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Your not supposed to be asking now what or how to get well . Since there is nothing wrong with you and it is written on paper you are now miraculously healed. YOU ARE HEALED!!!!
What a load of $hit....
What do the powers that be expect us to do when we are having syptoms?  I just dont understand it...
I am sooo sorry that once agin you have ran into another brick wall....
Lots of HUGS ..Theresa
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So sorry but I don't think this is a surprise to you. Wouldn't it be grate if that was all that was wrong with you!

Stick to your guns & give up on the dx, you have been through so many tests enough is enough, just concentrate on Surviving Limboland. After all what would we do with out you.?

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As I said in your no more tests post, you are a special and dear person.  Sometimes we just need a break from it all, regroup, and try later...if you feel strong enough to tackle it again.

I am so sorry that nothing has been resolved for you.  

I hope you are feeling better from that stupid virus.  

Wanna :o)
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Since MS can take many years to show on a MRI, most of us are left in the same boat as you.  I know the frustration and pain of getting the MRI's with no change.  I wish I could say something to take away your pain of not knowing what the h...ll is going on...I wish I could take it away from me too.  

I am sending a message out to the universe that I want find someone who will help me and everyone else get through this gray time and get all of us the proper treatment.  I'm pretty burned out by all that has happened in the last few years.  I just hope I'm together enough to hear the answer.  

So many hugs for you and everyone else that is experiencing this incredible time of frustration, Charley
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Hi Maria,

I'm with Charley and wish I knew what to say or do..... I wish they could find something to make you feel better...all of us for that matter....

Maybe Wanna is right, maybe a break from this will be good and you can get back to it later..

Big hugs to you...rest up and be well..

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dear maria,

i just don't know what to say except i am sorry that after all you have been through, you are still stuck in limboland.

take a rest, enjoy your dog, eat some dumplings.  just know we're all here to support you just as you have supported us.

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Hi again Maria

Don't you just love our sister (and brother) Limbolanders?! There's something about suffering that can bring out the best in people - though it's so sad that many do suffer so much.

And you've been through enough already. Like Stormy, I cannot understand why the docs don't seem to get it - you experience debilitating sypmtoms regardless of whether they show up on scans. Please don't even think about it being 'all in your mind'!

Have you thought of writing back and actually asking 'So, what next? What exactly do you suggest?' These are very reasonable questions to ask.


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Done that wrote to him WHAT NEXT it is getting printed off today and going to him.

Great minds think alike LOL.xxx
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