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Symptoms - How long do they last

Hi Everyone,

Can I ask...how long have all your symptoms been around...my main symptoms started in July 2009 with cognitive issues..memory loss, hard time finding words, and eye pain with blurry vision (left eye)...in August I started having numbness and tingling in left arm...as time went on my sypmtoms evolved and I began to get little zaps down my arm and leg (left side) again as time went on my left leg began to stiffin up and I would get cramps along with fatigue and weakness..now all of this has continued with some time where my numbness and tingling would subside..my leg would feel btter and it would become easier t climb stairs again.... I have had a mix of things..Is this odd to have symptoms that stay or are they supposed to go away all togethr? i hear of some people who feel better and their symptoms subside...some of mine improve but then I may get a different one for a day or so...

Just wondering...will they ever go away????

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My first symptom was the cognitive/memory loss and also trouble with words.  It began in the Summer of 2007.  For awhile it would kind of come and go.  I'd have bad moments and good.  Then the other symptoms joined it.  I have had periods of a month or two where I had almost no symptoms and thought this whole thing was over.  then they'd come back with a vengence.  Currently I have been experiecing my worst ever symptoms and they have lasted since October.  I keep thinking they'll go away as they had in the past, but no such luck this time.  

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Hi there..

so it is not odd then ..my sound the same..come  and going sometimes worse and less..ugggg...

I hate to say it but in a weird way I am glad it is somewhat common then..?..? (for whatever this is)  as I again thought I was losing it (my mind) and imagining it ..telling myself..there would be no way they could stick around this long......

;o) thanks...(I'm still not alone)

Be Well..
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I get it.  I totally do.  It's nice to have someone sharing in something you feel so alone in!  

I know that when I am feeling fairly well, I will tell myelf that I must just be a crazy person...I am fine...then it hits me again and I realize I am not fine.  

I am just feeling so awful lately, I am so afraid that i am getting worse....maybe I'll have my answer Friday.  My biggest fear is that she will say all my tests were normal and that i am fine.

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Mine started in the main 10 years ago in Brazil with ON which makes sense to MS.

I had odd things happen from then which finally did a huge crescendo in 2006 which made it impossible for me to get out of bed the rest is history. I havent had a break in 3 years.

EVERY SINGLE day, no even minutes can change for me. Its like being in some kind of MAD MAX WORLD.

For example.

Sunday morning I woke up feeling refreshed in my mind, but the usual tingling was still in my body.


I had so many plans upto 9.30, talking to my hubby about what I could do, what he could do what the world could do LOL.

By 10am I felt so sick and dizzy and sweaty I thought I would pass out.

Then the burning came.

Then it went.

Then something else popped up.;

Round and round it goes no body knows where it will land LOL.

What will it be today? Fatigue - Pain - burning - cognitive - bladder - bowel, gastric reflux =

The one thing I know for sure is it wont be NOTHING.

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Hi All,

Mine started back in October 2007. I started having gait issues and right pinky weirdness. But the real problems started January 2008. Bowel/bladder problems,numbness,tingling,burning, extreme weight loss,vertigo, right eye issues,menstral problems,itching,cognitive problems and then the migraines. I too go thru periods of remission and flare up's. Sometimes I wonder if it would be better to feel bad all the time? Or is it better to ride the symptom rollercoaster?

It is difficult when you know somthings wrong but all the tests are normal. But on the otherhand you really dont want the tests to be positive either.
I watch Mystery Diagnosis alot. I watched even before I started having my own issues. My thinking is that if there were not so many folks going thru the same stuff we are then they would run out of new episodes.

Please Take care and try to stay hopeful...
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Thanks everyone,

What a rollercoater ride we are on....I too have had a day where I wake up and say, well, I feel better today, maybe I am better now... and then...something comes back a zap or a numbness in my hand, and maybe not as bad as it was but it it's there just to say..nope not today Jenny..I was impressed of how i was climbing the stairs a little better until this morning....and i said..awwwe sh*t..well..Maria your right..It's a guessing game but for sure...it will be something....

Kris..I hope you can feel better in some small way and I hopee Friday you will have an answer..my fear too is I will go to m appt. and my doc will say nothing is wrong...

Theresa..I was just watcing that show last night..Boy who bites himself???? hmmmm interesting..so many things out there that are unknown

Thank you all for sharing....I am glad I have you all to listen..and I am on this crazy rollercoaster ride with you all  who can understand and relate .

Be Well Today..
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