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Well hello there

Hey everyone,

I waned to drop in and say hello. I know it has been WAY too long I am sorry!!!!

I hope you are all well. I am ok and hanging in there . Taking my Avonex like a good girl 1x a week and so far - so good.

Love my doc.
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Hi Jibby,  I just happened to stop by and was so glad to see you here!  So glad you are doing ok!   I often wonder what happened to everyone.  Hopefully they are all doing better!  My neuro symptoms have improved greatly.  I still sometimes get a little tingling in my legs at night but it's nothing compared to what it was.  I try to eat healthy, take my supplements and be thankful.

Sounds like your doc is a keeper!  

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Hi Jibby and Georgia! This was accidental for me too, even if I don't really believe in coincidences,lol!
Nice to "bump" into you again.

Well, I'm glad you're both doing OK.

Maria has not been doing so well and has decided to pull back from the group and medhelp.
She's definitely missed.
That reminds me I should e-mail her and find out how's she doing lately.
  She gave me moderating rights last year, but the activity here has been extremely low, I hardly come to visit myself.

Please keep in touch!
Love and Light
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It has been a long time since I've been on here, like you jib I am bumbling along.  Just wanted to say hi and send you my love.  I often wonder how you are getting on, hope things are staying stable for you.
Love and hugs
Suzsibs xxx
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