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I was wondering if anyone here has taken or currently is taking cymbalta and what their experience with it is.  My doctor wants me to start taking this at a low dose, I believe it's 30mg once a day, to see if it would help with my pain.  She said she can also add neurontin down the road if needed.  I just don't know.... I have read some pretty bad stories about the withdrawl from cymbalta and I really don't want to go through that, especially if I try it and it ends up not even helping anyways.  Any advice?
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hi sarah,

i haven't taken cymbalta, but i have also read some rather negative stories about the weaning off process as well.  on the other hand, i have also read other accounts of it being very effective for neuropathic pain.  it's so hard to say what will happen.  are you particularly sensitive to medication in general?  i know i am, so i chose to avoid cymbalta.

i did take nortryptiline to help with my neuropathy, and it didn't do much to me except knock me out but good at night which wasn't such a bad thing.  i often have a lot of trouble staying asleep.  lyrica made me so groggy and spaced out which wasn't acceptable since i have a 5-year-old and have to be somewhat coherent most of the time.

maybe some others will chime in here.  did you also post this on the MS board?  folks with diabetes also take it for neuropathy, so perhaps you could poll some folks in that discussion group.

best wishes, and welcome again,
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I dont know anyone on this and after reading the guidelines I would avoid at all costs.

Lyrica is safer and does the same job.

To be honest I dont take anything as all these medications screw you up in the end. BUT I do now take one 2mg diazepam at night which helps.

Everyone I know who has taken long term medication for nerve pain seesm to end up with other medical problems.

Sorry i know that doesnt help.

cymbalta is used a lot for fibromyalgia patients so perhaps someone on their forum has used it.

Good luck. xxxx
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I think the biggest reason that my doctor wants me to try this is while in her office, I had a little bit of a meltdown while discussing my recent neurologist visit.  I suffered from some mild post-partum depression in the past so she is convinced that there is some depression coming through.  I was crying because the neurologist that she had sent me to basically told me to "suck it up and deal with it".  This really upset me!  So anyways, my doctor thought I should try the cymbalta to lessen the nerve pain while fighting the depression that she thinks I have.  (For the record, I am NOT depressed!)  Thank you all for your responses.  I do think I will follow my gut and stay away from this stuff.  
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I'm currently on Cymbalta because I have fibromyalgia, rheumatoid arthritis, and depression. It helps with the pain but I was on Prozac before and it helped more with the depression. I'm actually finding myself depressed again so i'm not sure i would suggest Cymbalta
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