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extreme hip pain and painful sensitive skin patches

hi all

not a good week for me my right hip been bad for a few months but all last week it has been unbearable its been a deep aching stabbing pain and all on the thigh the skin is agony to touch dr upped my morphine patch and muscle relaxers which has helped but as soon as i try and walk on it again the pain starts! i have had this before and none of the drs really know why this happens, the muscle is rock hard, i've tried resting gentle exercise,hot water bottles baths and heat pads.

anyone else suffer with this.
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HI yes I suffer with this, as a new symptom.

I had a real struggle a few weeks ago even had to get the doctor out because of my weird back pain.

Its a funny pain in the hip but not really in the hip if that makes sense. When it was at its worse it felt like the top of my thigh was rock hard rigid and I couldnt walk properly.

I get it at night now, and struggle sometimes to sleep, as my hips hurt but I know there is no osteo now as I had test for bone density and my hips are good.

Also yes the skin feels horrible to touch makes me feel sick my GP told me it was all NERVE RELATED.

If you find out what it is let me know, and likewise I will to you.

Its horrible and painful I have every sympathy for you believe me. Big hugs mariaxxx
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Hi Sam,

So sorry you are in pain...don't really have an answer for you as my hip pain is wimpy compared to yours...bursitis and can be fixed with a shot of cortisone...kinda easy.

Hope you are doing a bit better today.

Let us know, okay?

Wanna :o)
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