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spasms or spasticisms


Can someone tell me if spastic hands and feet attributeable to neuro.  I mean I have been having some very painful spastism in my hands mainly the left.  And both feet have spastisms that made it unbearable walk.  I take tizanidine, baclofen, and gabapentin.  

But, it seemed that the spastism are getting worse and something stronger may be inorder.  Will, anyone with the same experience or knowledge of this help?

In case, I did not give my question.  I want to know if very painful spastisms are attributeable to my neuo.
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Hello Limbolander,
I can not relate with experience however, I have a brother age 40 that has HSP and a bacolophen pump inserted in his body to help with spastisity and the locking effect he gets
He has complained at times of pain.:(

He is being watched for ALS/PLS now.He also has beaten colon cancer but the chemo put a hard hit on his body

I will be lifting you in prayer and wishing for answers and healing.

Many blessings,
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There are sources online that describe disease of the nervous system (primarily MS) as one category of conditions causing muscle spasms.  

Do you take magnesium supplements?  Blood tests for magnesium levels are usually not helpful as about 95% of our magnesium is stored in the tissues.  Our bodies like to keep the blood level stable, so if there is depletion, it happens first in the tissues. By the time a blood test shows it's low, it's extremely low.  Taking a magnesium ending in -ate is better absorbed than one that just says "magnesium."  Magnesium malate or magnesium citrate are fairly easy to find.  When I started taking magnesium, my neuro symptoms eased up a bit, especially the muscle twitching.

Do you drink plenty of fluids, especially water or something supplemented with electrolytes (e.g. Gatorade)?  Diabetes can also cause spasms, so keeping blood sugar in a normal range is important.

Have you tried going gluten free?  I definitely felt better when I did. It was a hassle at first, but I am used to it now.
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This is useful information.  Thanks.
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