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A Poem for all

I just put this together today feeling kind of melancholy I used to write poems alot don't much anymore

Love is just a fleeting thing,
Some see it as a passing fling,
While others grasp and hold on tight,
With a grip so hard it makes men fight,

Once the love I had for you,
Made me glad, but now I'm blue
For your love no longer shines,
Like sun and stars til end of time,

To heaven's gate you've gone today,
And here on earth I must stay,
Alone and lost I shall be,
Til Gabriel's horn calls to me

Then I'll see your smiling face,
Our hearts as one, we shall embrace,
Love on earth, no longer true
Love in heaven, now we two.
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Beautiful    :-)

I have no artistic talent what so ever....LOL

Please write more....

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Thanks for sharing your beautiful poem with us.  I woke up this morning thinking along those lines and reading your poem brought me some comfort. Write more.  Hugs, Charley
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