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Waste of time....

Well i got a letter from the neuro to say my nerves and discs in my neck are healthy. WELL thats a lie for a start as on my last MRI 2 years ago it warned me that I had degenerative DISC DISEASE in my neck............unless I have had a miracle.

But the radiologist said that my bone marrow appears to be working harder than normal and suggests I have blood and urine tests.

I didnt get a copy of the report they have changed the system but I want a copy of it. I wish I could get my MRI read through someone else as I dont trust this neuro.

So where do I go from here I am still in terrible pain maybe it is just fibromyalgia or M.E. but it must be something this is stupid now.

Anyway I am off to the Breakspeare just waiting for hubby to come home from trip to Russia then I am going to make an appointment.

I want my life back...its not so hard surely.

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Hi and thank you for that information. I am going to see my GP this week and will ask her about this Strontium ranelate. I dont want my bones to go as well as everything else.

Your posts are very informative thank you again. Maria
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Hi again!

BMD ( bone mineral density) may be easy to measure, but it is not particularly predictive of fractures and other problems, which is the outcome most patients care about.
One overlooked and equally important  ( even perhaps of greater importance ) factor is
bone flexibility. Collagen levels, B- vitamins, vitamin D, vitamin K2  along with osteocalcin status make up the collagen matrix that supports the mineral composition.

So do not be overly concerned with the BMD level. This is just one out of many parameters
regarding bone health.
Should it become an issue in the future, ask your specialist about Strontium ranelate.
(Not Strontium citrate, as it inferior)
  Strontium ranelate (SR), and has been shown to prevent and to reverse osteoporosis.
   I requested it  for my mother in Greece a few years ago.
And that made a  difference  with her osteoporosis and osteoarthritis.
It seems that it is a standard supplement in Europe for Osteoporosis..
Not in N.America though. Seems Doctors here like to prescribe mostly what]
the Pharmaceutical reps advise.

Hope this helps.

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Hi thanks for that.

My magnesium level is fine.

Funny enough my problems started originally in 1982 when  I was going to Kenya I had a barrage of injections including Yellow Fever...........I have had loads of injections as I was born into the services and lived in many hot countries.  Before I left for Kenya I start4ed to get pins and needles in my left arm, and then my right leg which was diagnosed as sciatica.

I am trying to find how I can get my MRI read by a second person. It isnt possible in this country unless I seek another 2nd opinion but I dont want to go that route again.

I have the CD and films stored in an online locker so anyone can take the films and read them.

IF anyone knows a way I can get this done ...... I am even happy to compensate lol.

The other thing that worries me is I am diagnosed with Osteopenia so I cant believe my discs are so healthy...............

I am asking for a copy of the report anyway as I rang the clinic who did the films and then said it is my right to have them they belong to me........

The thing is where is the lesion C5 that I was told I definitely had 2 years ago has it gone too if it is healed then that could be very interesting............would this not show in just the neck portion?

Anyway I am definitely going to the other clinic.

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Dear Maria.
Sorry to hear about all this.

A friend of mine is a Radiologist in Europe.  After having reviewed
thousands of scans and x-rays over the years he basically told me
that almost every single person over 50 shows a degree of  spinal deterioration to be concerned with.
Some people with very similar profiles and deterioration have absolutely no pain!
And yet others with the exact same givens, suffer from chronic and sometimes excruciating pain. He seemed very perplexed. I suggested he look into T.M.S.
In the U.S.A there was a climax of cases of T.M.S diagnosed -see next paragraph- some years after the Gulf war, following a huge number of unsuccessful back surgeries and other
ineffective treatments on war veterans.
Tension Myositis Syndrome is a condition, where most of the back and neck pain is a result of the mind's interference with normal functioning of nerves and blood circulation to muscles. I believe the expert on this is Dr. Sarno if you want to  research. This condition would be probably much easier to deal with.

I would also recommend that everyone here, get their Glutathione levels properly checked!
It is the Master anti-oxidant for humans and it is manufactured in the body.
However, the ingredients for this process are not easily available. Our modern ways of processing and delivering food, denature the key components, necessary for the
manufacture of glutathione.
Please do a search, do not take my word for it.

Another key area to look into is TNF ( tumor necrosis factor) a very nasty group of chemicals, that create havoc in the body.

Finally please make sure that your magnesium levels are high.
Very overlooked mineral with hundreds of important functions!
Blood tests do not show Mg deficiencies! Only 1% of Mg is in the blood.
60% of North Americans are Mg deficient.
It takes 56 molecules of Mg to process 1 molecule of sugar.
Fibromyalgia, osteoporosis, heart disease and a host of many other serious conditions are
connected with Mg deficiencies.

So please be very vigilant and pro-active with your health.
Become as knowledgeable as you can. Ask your Doctors many questions,
and leave no stone unturned. Make sure they are doing their job properly.
After all we are all human beings, and not just another case file!
Our medical systems have become somewhat dysfunctional, if I may say.
The unnecessary suffering, the amount of questionable medicines prescribed,
the side effects, the extremely long time to see specialists or to have procedures,
all this saddens me deeply.

I am personally grateful to my great teachers for their wisdom and their vision.
They taught me the principles of true holistic healing.
They showed me the power of the spirit.
And they transfered to me the ability to always seek the truth.

I will be posting again soon, but meanwhile should you or anyone
else have any questions, I'll be glad to answer them.

Blessings to all,
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Hi Maria,

I am so sorry this did not turn out the way "I" had hoped for you..Binx, frustrating is putting it nicely..but I agree...

Maria lots of love and hugs to you my friend
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dearest maria,

this is so disappointing.  what about the prior MRI that showed inflammation in the cord?  was there no mention of that?

and what kind of blood & urine tests are they talking about?  to test for what exactly?

ugh, i am so frustrated for you.  you can bring your films and report to breakspear, i am sure.  they have to have someone there to read it.  is your italian cousin available to lend a hand?

i am sending you many hugs and lots of good thoughts, for what they are worth.

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