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testing for Sarcoidosis

I also posted this question on the Autoimmune disorder forum;

My Dr has done a autoimmune blood panel because I have several symptoms like feeling ill,raised rash,uvetis,night sweats and swollen lymph node. But everything I read says chest xray is a way to diagnosis Sacroidosis.So my question to anybody who has Sarcoidosis how were you diagnosis and what were your symptoms?
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I was diagnosed after a CT scan for kidney stones caught the lower part of my lungs where nodules were seen along with swollen lymph nodes.  A repeat showed that the lymph nodes in the mid part of my chest were very enlarged.  I had been having a dry violet cough, extreme fatigue, shortness of breath, and joint pains.  I was sent to a pulmonologist who measured my lung functions which were decreased and did a bronchoscopy to get a definative diagnosis.  Blood work can give preliminary informamtion but isn't always as accurate as a CT with follow through for anything unusual seen.
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I had a very dry cough for over a year that would not go away, a chest x-ray revealed a mass on my lungs
then a ct scan showed that i also had nodules on my heart, lungs liver and kidneys
further testing MRI showed I also had it in the brain

They will usually do a Biopsy to rule out things like Lymphoma of the lungs,

i also had blood work done and my ACE levels were sky high

Usually you will see a dermatologist and also a pulmonologist, the important thing is to find a really good doc who knows all about Sarcoid, and there is really not a great deal of them around,

It took me three tries to find the doc that I have now, and he is truly wonderful,
Good luck with your diagnosis

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