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22 yr old tansfemoral amputee diagnosed paranoid schizophrenic

My young friend has just lost his right leg in a traffic accident.  He was a keen footballer and very active before his amputation which happened about 6 weeks ago.
He s been angry and shouting so the doctors put him on antipsychotic medication and diagnosed him paranoid schizophrenic, in fact that was the only information given about him on his discharge letter.  Nothing about how to manage his wound, a suitable exercise program or his physiotherapy requirements.
I d like to point out, at this point he lives in India, and has been recieving treatment in the government hospital .
He has not been examined by a psychiatrist.
There is no support,  advice or education after discharge, he came home today without even a crutch.
He is suffering lots of side effects from this risperidone tablets, i think maybe its better to stop them and allow him some time to adjust to the shock of his loss and let him express his anger without being doped up.
I m looking after him in my house so feels hugely responsible for his welfare.
My question is that could these "psychotic" symptoms just be temporary manifestation of the natural grieving process?
Do I give the pills or not??
He suffered slightly from depression occasionally  prior to the accident, but otherwise normal.

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That's complex and its best that he be examined by a psychiatrist out of the hospital setting who can understand what's going on and explain why this diagnosis was made and what the specific reason for it was.  As well a doctor should follow up with rehabilitation for using a prosthetic device as that is crucial to enable a person to be able to learn how to walk with it. This could have been a misdiagnosis because of his reaction to his traumatic injury in the hospital. However you don't want to make assumptions either way so best to let an outside psychiatrist do a separate exam and make a conclusive diagnosis and state whether or not the treatment is warranted.
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He should talk to psychiatrist.Only he can provide him with exact diagnosis.I don t think it could be paranoid sch.Someone can be diagnosed with sch. if symptoms exist at least six mounths.If he suffers from any disorder that could be  acutely disease what means that it seems to happen suddenly(due to stess or any other reason) and it s not long term.Medications are required and symptoms are similir to sch.( its not chronic).
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Thanks for your comments.
He was re admitted to the government hospital surgical ward because of an infection,     Hes  been causing havoc with frequent psychotic outbursts, so is sedated most of the time. I have got an appointment with a private psychiatrist next week.
The Indian "healthcare system " cant seem to be able to organize an assessment for him at the moment.  His mother who is alone,( except for him and an alcoholic abusing husband), is contemplating suicide, so i think she will also have to be seen too by the psych/
Its a very depressing situation, and trying to maintain  hope that his schizophrenia (which i have now seen him display classic symptoms) can be stabilized and we can raise some money for a decent prosthesis (  he loves football) is very difficult as his mother has such a negative outlook.  
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