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Am I selfish?

I want to ask other people with schizophrenia related illnesses this question.
I have schizoaffective disorder and I come from a family that didn't know anything about mental illness when I was growing up. They treated me like a normal child with behaviour issues only. They taught me I could do anything I want as long as i work hard and maintain good values. They didn't restrict me from dating.
But now that i was diagnosed with schizoaffective disorder they changed. The frown on me for having babies. They treat me like I'm selfish and stupid because I chose to be a mother and I have a mental illness. Its makes me so guilty and sad every day.
I want to know from other people with this illness how to deal with those people and their attitudes especially when it comes from family. Its tough. I tend to isolate from them to save myself from pain. I have a lot of friends. I do wish I was connected to my family though.
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keep doctor appt take meds find a support group you are not alone keep fighting the right mix is out there still
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You are not selfish. It's natural to want to be a Mother. Schizophrenia is hereditary, maybe that is why they're concerned. As long as you continue treatment, having schizophrenia will not affect you being a great Mom.
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