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Delusional and Psychotic behaviour

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I have tried everything else offline and am now resorting to trying out some different things online in order to get some input and suggestions. I am surrounded by nutbars (NO offense intended people ... these are my family members I am talking about).

I have a sister who was diagnosed with borderline personality disorder, another who is hypochondriac who has hidden her diagnosis from everyone but I know for a fact that she is both paranoid delusional and psychotic, a son who has been diagnosed with schizophrenia, an aunt who has some kind of mental disorder and takes the same meds as the first three ... Olanzapine. My grandmother died of encephalitus of the brain. My father suffered from depression. My ex husband and my brother-in-law each have a brain injury. A close friend is bipolar ... and the list goes on ... Obviously mental illness is not a new thing to me although I have to admit ... ten years ago I would have said I didn't know anyone with a mental illness ... a lot of it has come into play over the past few years with the exception of my mom's mother, my father and my father's sister. I have soooo many stories I could tell you about my family but I don't have a year to write it all down.

What I need input on is my one sister (I will call her Betty) who is a hypochondriac (and has been since a young child) who is doing things now that are harmful. Both my brother and myself don't know what to do to get her help or even have a clue what it is that we are dealing with.

A bit of background on Betty: she tells us that light bulbs are listening, satellites are following her around, radios give her messages in music, tvs give her messages too, computers listen in and shouldn't be on or in the same room as her or they will transmit info when she is in the room, and three men broke into the house two years ago and inserted a vibrator into her vagina and it was activated by a remote control and made her want to have sex until she beat it with a belt to break it and stop it. (This has changed from the original story where a doctor did it when she was in the hospital for some minor surgery.) Obviously not normal ...

Aside from many other obviously weird things (wanting to pay doctors in the US to operate on her for imagined problems) she carries around two steak knives in her purse, takes some larger knives to bed with her and puts them in the mattress. She even drove nails into the back door at bed time to stop people from coming in.

In January she took out content insurance on her belongings in our mother's house. Mom took her back off the insurance and she told the ins. co. she didn't want her on it. Betty called to be put her back on the ins. and they said not without a letter from our mother ... somehow she has a 'signature' from Mom saying that was allowed to have content insurance on our mother's insurance (Mom said she never signed it).

She was out for the evening and a half hour or hour after she got in the house was on fire. Smoldering fire has been ruled out. She had our mother's ins. policy with her and was going over it with mom about an hour after the fire. No attempt was made to put out the fire. Mid week before the fire I got a weird single sentence note in the mail wishing me well and both my son and myself a happy future. I thought she was suicidal when I read this.

She is money greedy right now demanding money from the insurance company too. She is writing out huge checks to the church who she says is persecuting her (NOT) and also she said she is paying the demons. (NO sense here) She also let it slip how the fire started ... which was different from what the fire dept. said but one of the things the ins. co. is looking at.

The ins. co. knows all this and has done nothing but is trying to find physical evidence to prove the arson. Betty is demanding that our mother rebuild and won't take no for an answer. She also said that Mom has to rebuild and that she is going to live with her again. Mom is 80 and legally blind now ... she lost her eyesight three years ago. Betty said she is her executor of the will as well as her living will and in control of her health. We are having everything redone this Thursday with a lawyer so that Mom will be looked after by my brother who is of sound mind. He has already built mom a room of her own in his house and she is well looked after there. She cannot live with me as I rent and live 5 hours away and it is too far from her friends.

Upon investigating the house we found the knives in Betty's bed as well as several knives in our mother's bedroom that she did not put there. Scissors had been stabbed in the sewing room stool belonging to mom. These were all pre-fire as they were under the debris. Shortly after the fire we found a huge knife driven into the hardwood closet door of our mom's bedroom and an axe driven into the wall of the living room.

... and if anyone has any theories as to what is wrong with my sister I would greatly appreciate the input ... we would really like to know what we are dealing with. I have certain labels I have already attached to her obvious mental illness but would appreciate more input.

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"Thought insertion" is a criteria for an aspect of psychosis from schizophrenia. Bpd often creates manipulative behavior. As what psychiatric disability she has exactly she'd have to see a psychiatrist for that as only they can provide a diagnosis but it would be worth having her see one. As a person who has made a full recovery from schizoaffective disorder with an experimental in Phase II FDA study I'd say recovery is possible and everything you described is treatable but bpd requires talk therapy (generally reccomnded for everything) and cognitive behavioral therapy as well.
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Thanks hun.  Biggest problem is she doesn't believe she has a problem ... everyone else does.

She won't go to see any form of doctor who has to do with mental illness however she will go see many other doctors for her imaginary illnesses.  This has begun to backfire on her lately as a few of them have put her in the hospital for psychiatric evaluation but her loser husband keeps helping her get right back out by saying she is perfectly ok.  I think they should lock him up at the same time so he cannot 'rescue' her yet again.  Speaking of rescuing ... she has placed herself in all three postions of the victim triangle as well ... she is victim, rescuer and abuser herself.

She has been in Homewood where I got her put the last time and has a diagnosis but due to all the privacy laws even her husband and children do not know what is wrong with her and all of us are getting worn out from dealing with it.

I am getting irritable over this myself because it is non stop and I have enough other things on my plate without having to worry about two mentally ill sisters.  My bpd sister is living on the streets of Toronto since last September and has been in and out of jail since for her behaviour.  One of the many problems is I am the oldest child and they both come running to me or call me when they have any problems.

I do know both my sisters (and myself) all have PTSD ... my bpd sister and I have both been in severe abuse situations and I have moved out of them so that I am no longer at risk however my anxiety level goes up when having to deal with all this ****.  Betty just got PTSD recently due to watching a relative get run over by a car ... she has led a very sheltered life up until now.

Thanks again.
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I don't know where you live, but look into the Mental Health Act in your country. I am a Registered Psychiatric Nurse, and if you were in Canada, you could take your concerns for your sister to her family doctor and he/she and a psychiatrist could commit her under the Mental Health Act for assessment. It sounds to me like Schizophrenia, likely Axis II with underlying personality disorders.
Connect with your local Mental Health team... they would be best to direct you.
Good luck :)
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She is a very unstable person. Shes definitely a paranoid schizophrenic. If she wont go see a doctor, you can have picked up by the proper medical team. They will send medics/authorities to pick her up and bring her to a facility where she will be monitored and tested for her mental state of mind. Once properly diagnosed,  she will be medically treated as necessary. By you not doing so is putting the public at risk as well as your mother, family and herself. She is in a dangerous state of mind. Arson,  knives, delusions,  etc.. is all a cry for help. Keep us posted please

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