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Does my best friend really have shizophrena?

A close friend of mine called me one day and started talking about how the world is going to end and how the earth were living on is really heaven and that God is tricking us to believe otherwise. Also, he talked about his childhood. The problems he faced such as being bullied and how his older brother would be mean to him. After that conversation was over,  he told me he would call me back later and I haven't heard from him since. I waited a few days thinking maybe his phone was disconnected. Days went by and then it became a week. I reached out to his Mother and she informed me how he took something( a drug) and that he is in the hospital and diagnosed with schizophrenia. I couldn't believe it, i thought the conversation we had days before was just talk and nothing too serious. I call him everyday as he is in the hospital he has troubling remembering me and he also has trouble remembering his mom, but two seconds later he will remember me again. She informed me how he sometimes mix her and I up when she visits him. On the phone he informed me that the Doctors are giving him the wrong medication and that the medication ''Zyprexa'' is effecting his memory. I doubt he has schizophrenia because this was the first time he talked about the world ending (many people say it all the time). What should me and the Mother do? Will it be best to take him off of Zyprexa? Will Zyprexa wipe away his memory for good? After he gets well, will he remember anything and go back to being normal? Should we take him out of the hospital and just giving him counseling?
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this is a tough situation most people find out about SZ around 18 for men 20 for women I hear three voices that have conversations with each other some hallucinate visuals Zyprexa is for depression? I taken abilify Geodon respiridone and finally Seroquel that works for me but I have permanent side effects from abilify TD Cogentin ruins my memory its for parks.disease I hope this helps oh you must take a anti depressant with the anti psychotics
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he needs to take an anti depressant with the Zyprexa they work together
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