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Fish Oil Supplement?

Two weeks I started fish oil supplements, 1000 mg. twice a day with food.  I am much calmer now, and I have reduced the 16 mg. of Navane that I was taking to 12 mg., along with 4 mg. of Trilafon (same as usual).  Have others tried fish oil supplements with success?  I decided that it was worth a try after reading about a recent research study with adolescents in pre-psychotic conditions.  Many thanks for your comments.
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I was allowed to take it for several years as an adjunct to a mood stabilizer under my psychiatrist's supervision. It was helpful but it wasn't able to replace any medications I took. Mainy it worked on mood stabilization not psychosis though and it should be noted the anti-cholesterol medication Lovaza which is in clinical study as a mood stabilizer was developed from fish oil and works in the same manner.
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Does this work on all mood problems such as anxiety and irritability?

I know it can help people with bipolar disorder and schizoaffective disorder greatly in their mood aspect of their illness. perhaps it can also help part of schizophrenia in the early stages when it affects the mood and causes exaggerated emotions before they become inevitably blunted and some just go missing.
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It seemed to have an effect on all aspects of mood stabilization and since I have schizoaffective disorder it also helped on aspects of psychosis because I know that with if a mood stabilizer isn't functioning as it should then there can be carry over's into psychosis. As for any research into pre-exemptive means of stopping schizophrenia that is being used but that research is still early in the clinical stages of understanding and knowledge.
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For everyone it is different.  For some people it may help, but for others it does nothing,
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