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How to respond to my Schizophrenic bf delusions?

So I have just moved in with my Schizophrenic marine boyfriend. We've been together for only 2 months.I'm starting to notice him telling me some weird things about space ships,mind reading etc... I don't know how to respond. In the beginning before   he told me his diagnosis of paranoia schizophrenia and PTSD I would just tell him he was not making since. But he would just keep trying to explain in this child like manner. He also does this laugh that when he does it I ask what's funny and he says nothing. He spends so much money giving it to scam artists and suspicious gimmicks. I feel like he is having an episode but he says he is taking his medicine but maybe I should ask him to show me when he does.Please any advise or answers. Thank you.
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Sz are child like clumsy
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Sounds like he is having delusions, be careful. There is no "right" way to respond as a schizophrenic in the midst of an episode isn't rational.
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